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Nurse Professional Advisory Committee

About N-PAC

About N-PAC

The Nursing Professional Advisory Committee (N-PAC) is a committee comprised of nursing representatives (both civil service and Commissioned Corps) from all U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies (OPDIVS), which provides advice and consultation to the Surgeon General of the United States (SG); the Public Health Service (PHS) Chief Nurse Officer (CNO); and to HHS, federal health, and other leadership (such as HHS agency/program heads and other federal agencies /programs that utilize PHS nursing personnel). The N-PAC carries out its functions on behalf of all HHS members of the discipline, including contract nurses, tribal nurses, nurses in other federal agencies/services in which PHS nurses are assigned, and Commissioned Corps nursing student trainees in the Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program (COSTEP).

The N-PAC assists in the development, coordination, and evaluation of issues of concern as they relate to professional nursing and HHS/PHS personnel matters. These activities include assessing nursing and public health needs and assisting in meeting those needs; identifying and facilitating resolution of issues of concern; providing dialogue and comment on subjects related to nursing and public health; and promoting the development and utilization of nurses by HHS/PHS and other government agencies/programs.

The N-PAC, through the PHS CNO, maintains close communication and coordination with professional nursing organizations, and with the Federal Nursing Service Council (FNSC) which comprises the national nursing leaders of the Air Force, American Red Cross, Army, Department of Veteran Affairs, Navy, and PHS. The FNSC collectively represents over 125,000 nurses with a beneficiary population exceeding 8.5 million people. Coordinating with professional nursing organizations and the FNSC on federal nursing issues provides the opportunity to enrich and strengthen the environment for federal nurses and those entrusted to their care.

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N-PAC Chair FY2021: CDR Gia Lawrence

N-PAC Secretary FY2021: CAPT Misty Rios

N-PAC Chair Elect FY2022: LCDR Anna Zimmerman

N-PAC Secretary Elect FY2022: LCDR Carrie Schuler

NPAC Voting Members for FY2021

 NPAC Functional Statement

NPAC Bylaws

NPAC Charter

Past NPAC Chairs

Past N-PAC Chair FY 2020: CAPT David Magnotta

Past N-PAC Chair FY 2019: CDR Tiffany Moore 

Past N-PAC Chair FY 2018:  CDR Heather Skelton 

Past N-PAC Chair FY 2017: CDR Reginald Smith 

Past N-PAC Chair FY 2016: CDR Mary Brooks 

Past N-PAC Chair FY 2015: CDR Anitra Johnson 

Past N-PAC Chair FY2014: CAPT Marilyn Ridenour 

Past N-PAC Chair FY2013: CAPT Veronica Gordon 

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