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Looking for timely, relevant information about nursing and public health issues?

Consider joining the PHS Nursing Listserv.

The PHS Nursing Listserv functions as a communication mechanism for all PHS Nurses, both Civil Service and Commissioned Corps. You can expect to see information from your nursing peers on a variety of topics such as: public policy, special initiatives or N-PAC supported events, clinical practice updates, continuing education information, emerging topics in nursing and healthcare, N-PAC awards and opportunities for participation in different N-PAC activities.

The listserv is for official government use only. The listserv is not a tool to be used for things such as dialog, recruiting for groups, political activity, or advertising and marketing for groups other than the N-PAC such as associations and public or private entities, etc. Information about jobs, retirements, and non-N-PAC announcements may be posted on the N-PAC website and/or N-PAC Facebook page. The N-PAC wants to ensure that the information provided is relevant to all its members.

The Listserv gives you options to digest messages so that you do not add to your email overload. It even lets you go back and view previously posted messages through an easily accessible archive system.

To subscribe:

Email-Marketing.png  Click to subscribe (On the right side of the page, click the button that says Subscribe or Unsubscribe.)

To post a message to the listserv, follow these instructions:

  1. Write the message as it is to appear on the posting. (Do not include a comment indicating the request is for posting, as the intent is known.)
  2. Include a contact name and telephone number in the message.
  3. Send the message as an email to: PHSNURSING-L@LIST.NIH.GOV
  4. The message will be sent to the listserv managers for review and edit as appropriate or returned to the sender for editing.
  5. If editing or other changes are needed, the listserv manager will contact you to make the necessary changes and request reposting of the message. Remember that items need to be 508-compliant.
  6. The message is approved and posted within 48 hours excluding weekends.

NPAC Listserv Announcement Format Template

If you have questions or problems subscribing to the list please contact the Listserv manager:

CDR Jeremy Peacock
Listserv Manager

CDR Zenia McKoy
Listserv Co-Manager

For information about how and what kinds of vacancy announcements can be posted to the N-PAC listserv, click here.

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