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The Nurse Professional Advisory Committee (N-PAC) is a chartered committee comprised of USPHS Commissioned Corps Nurse Officers to advise the Office of the United States Surgeon General (OSG), and our Chief Nurse Officer (CNO) as an OSG representative appointed by the Surgeon General, on issues relating to the professional practice and the personnel activities of the Category, and to support initiatives and program activities under the direction of OSG and CNO guidance. The N-PAC carries out its functions on behalf of all USPHS nurses: active duty, ready reserve, and Commissioned Corps nursing student trainees (COSTEPs). 

 The N-PAC serves as a resource in an advisory capacity and provides subject matter expertise through N-PAC Leadership related to PHS, the Category, and professional disciplines. These activities include assessing PHS officer needs and assisting in meeting those needs through recruitment, training, utilization, and recognition of officers; Identifying and facilitating resolution of issues of concern; Promoting cooperation and communication, advancing science and technical knowledge, and improving professional practice, including the dissemination of OSG approved best practices and guidance; and Serving as force multipliers to promote SG priorities as directed by OSG.

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