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Annual Awards 

The Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group (BCOAG) grants three awards each year to civil service employees, and active duty and retired USPHS officers. These awards recognize the outstanding service and leadership of PHS officers and civil service employees to the mission of their agencies and the PHS Commissioned Corps.  Awards are presented during the annual USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium.  The annual BCOAG awards are:

The Awards Committee conducts the awards review and selection process and presents the names of the selected nominees to the BCOAG Chair. The Chair forwards the names of the selected nominees to the Office of the Surgeon General for final approval.

 Awards Review Program

The BCOAG Awards Review Program is a collaboration between the Career and Professional Development and the Awards Committees. The purpose of the Awards Review Program is to provide valuable input to help strengthen and improve award narratives for PHS and non-PHS awards.  It was officially launched in June 2013. 

Officers are encouraged to submit award narratives for review before submitting for award approval. Interested officers should use the following instructions and coverpage to submit their award narrative.

Officers must use the preferred format for submissions and allow up to three weeks for review. Award narratives will be reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers from a pool of retired and senior officers from several agencies. Reviewers will provide comments and questions to consider for improving the award narrative. Comments provided by reviewers are not an assurance that the officer will be granted an award. 

For additional information or questions, please email

 Helpful Tools for BCOAG Officers

Please complete this form and submit it within 10 business days of completing a BCOAG event to

The BCOAG Awards Committee has developed a comprehensive list of USPHS and non-USPHS awards as a resource for PHS officers. The Awards Resource Database is easy to navigate and officers can search for awards by award name, discipline, submission deadlines, or award requirements.  The Awards Resource Database can be a valuable resource in ensuring our officers get recognized for their leadership, service, dedication and hard work in supporting the PHS mission. We strongly encourage officers to apply for awards and support the continued development of this tool with their ideas and new award information. Suggestions and comments on the database can be sent to

Voting members:  Please use this form to record time spent on BCOAG related activities during your voting term (from the date of appointment through the end of your voting term).


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