Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group

Retired PHS Officer Recognition

The Retired Public Health Service (PHS) Officer Recognition Award was established by the Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group (BCOAG) to recognize retired African-American PHS Commissioned Corps Officers for exemplary service to the PHS Commissioned Corps and the Nation. Retired officers that served a minimum of ten (10) years on active-duty with the PHS are eligible for this award.

Retired PHS Officer Award Recipients
Name of Recipient
CAPT Hilda Douglas (Ret.)
2018 RADM Helena Mishoe (Ret.)
2017 RADM Clara Henderson Cobb (Ret.)
2016 CAPT Richard Vause, Jr. (Ret.)
2015 CAPT Mary I. LambertĀ (Ret.)
2014 CAPT Leslie Cooper (Ret.)
2013 CAPT Hilda Douglas (Ret.)
2012 CAPT Shawneeque Harris (Ret.)
2008 RADM Nathan Stinson (Ret.)
2005 CAPT Curtis A Golden (Ret.)
2004 CAPT Ron Reddick (Ret.)

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