Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Womens Chartered Advisory Group

CCWIAB Committees

Reproductive Health

  • Mission: To identify and analyze key issues surrounding reproductive health, family planning, pregnancy, and the postpartum period that impact women Public Health Service officers. The group strives to promote the awareness of reproductive health, family planning, pregnancy and postpartum-related resources and guidance, as well as USPHS Commissioned Corps policies and procedures that are applicable to women officers.

Anti-Harassment and Discrimination

  • Mission: To identify and address concerns of harassment and discrimination among women Public Health Service officers while stationed at their OPDIVs and while deployed. In addition, this committee will assess existing anti-harassment policies and trainings, as well as develop action plans to address officer concerns relating to experiences of harassment and discrimination at duty stations and while responding to public health emergencies.

Health and Wellness

  • Mission: To address emerging issues affecting the health and wellness of women Public Health Service officers. In addition, this committee collaborates with the Women’s Leadership Support Group (WLSG) and supports WLSG programs such as the Women’s Executive Leadership Webinar Seminars featuring women leaders in their field.

Outreach and Membership

  • Mission: To coordinate and participate in outreach activities to increase awareness of CCWIAB as well as to coordinate administrative responsibilities for CCWIAB (e.g., appointment letters, awards).

Women’s Leadership Support Group

  • Mission: To provide a forum for fellow women officers from all categories to share ideas and experiences that support the overall development and wellbeing of women Public Health Service Officers, with a focus on work-life balance. Although WLSG was initiated separately from CCWIAB, due to the shared interests of and collaboration between both groups, WLSG has a memorandum of understanding with CCWIAB. For more information on WLSG, please see WLSG page.
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