Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Engineer Professional Advisory Committee

Past EPAC Executive Team

EPAC Chair

Year(s) Served


Executive Secretary

Year(s) Served

CDR Praveen K.C., EPA 2022 LCDR Tim Martin, FDA 2022
CDR Deborah Cox, EPA 9/2020-2021 LCDR Melissa deVera, IHS 2021
CDR Samantha Spindel, FDA 2020 LCDR Mike Simpson, FDA 2020
CDR Samuel Russell, EPA 2019 2019
CAPT David Harvey, IHS 2018 CDR Leo Gumapas, NIH 2018
CDR Kurt Kesteloot, NPS 2017 LCDR Jessica Sharpe, NPS 2017
CDR Kimberly Piermatteo, FDA 2016 LCDR Chris Ferhman, NPS 2016
CDR Jill Hammond, FDA  2015    
CDR Nathan Epling, NPS 2014    
CDR Ramsey Hawasly, IHS 2013    
CDR Edward Dieser, CDC 2012    
CAPT Peter Nachod, IHS 2011      
CDR Hilda Scharen, FDA 2010      
CDR John Longstaff, IHS 2009      
CDR Sue Neurath, CDC/ATSDR 2008      
CDR David Ausdemore, CDC 2007      
CAPT James Ludington, IHS 2006      
LCDR Jennifer Mosser, OS 2005      
CDR Kathy Poneleit, OS 2004      
CAPT Jose Cuzme, IHS 2003      
CDR Michael Coene, FDA 2002      
CAPT Kevin Chadwick, IHS 2001      
CAPT E. Crispin Kinney, IHS 2000      
CAPT Thomas Bedick, IHS 1999      
CDR Jo Ann Griffith, EPA 1998      
CAPT Steven Weaver, IHS 1997      
LCDR Randall Gardner, IHS 1996      
Ms. Diane Stewart Adams, IHS 1995      
CDR Frank Hearl, CDC/NIOSH 1993-1994      
CAPT Richard F. Barror, IHS 1991-1992      
CAPT Thomas Gallegos, IHS 1990      
CAPT Gary Hartz, IHS 1988-1989      
CAPT James Waskiewicz, IHS/HRSA 1986-1987      
CAPT John Confrancesco, NIH 1985      
CAPT Bill Pearson, IHS/HRSA 1983-1984      

Past EPAC Voting Members

2020-2022 Term

  • CDR Frank Chua, IHS
  • CDR James Coburn, FDA
  • CDR John Kathol, IHS
  • CDR Matthew Mergenthaler, IHS
  • CDR Michael Gifford, NPS
  • LCDR Fred Kelly, NIH
  • LCDR Garrett Chun, NPS

2019-2021 Term

  • CAPT David Harvey, IHS
  • CAPT Eric Hanssen, NIH
  • CDR Deborah Cox, EPA
  • CDR Omobogie Amadasu, IHS
  • CDR Praveen KC, EPA
  • CDR Samuel Russell, EPA
  • CDR Sean Bush, IHS

2018-2020 Term

  • CAPT Joshua Simms, FDA
  • CDR LeoAngelo Gumpas, NIH
  • CDR Samantha Spindel, FDA
  • CDR Teresa Grant, CDC
  • LCDR Derrick Buck, IHS
  • LCDR Matthew Palo, CDC

2017-2019 Term

  • CDR John Kathol, IHS
  • LCDR Abbas Bandukwala, FDA
  • LCDR Diana Wong, CMS
  • LCDR Jitendra Virani, FDA
  • LCDR Julia Kane, NPS
  • LCDR Matthew Hunt, NIH
  • LCDR Shane Deckert, IHS

2016-2018 Term

  • CDR Bradley Cunningham, FDA
  • CDR Francis Chua, IHS
  • LCDR Deborah Hirst, CDC
  • LCDR Peter Littlehat, IHS
  • LCDR Samuel Russell, EPA
  • LT Praveen KC, IHS

2015-2017 Term

  • CAPT David Harvey, IHS
  • CDR Kurt Kesteloot, NPS
  • CDR Mark Jackson, CDC
  • CDR Jonathan Rash, IHS
  • CDR Joshua Simms, FDA
  • LCDR Jennifer Stevenson, FDA
  • Dr. Jim Harris, CDC

2014-2016 Term

  • CDR Jill Hammond
  • CDR Kevin Bingley
  • CDR Tanya Davis
  • LCDR James Kohler
  • LCDR Shane Deckert
  • LT Matthew Hunt

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