Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Engineer Professional Advisory Committee


  • Evaluate award nominations submitted to the EPAC
  • Prepare guide/schedule of annual award nominations
  • Draft memoranda recognizing outgoing EPAC Members, EPAC Chairperson, and CPO upon the expiration of appointments
  • Develop draft example award write-ups for engineers' supervisors to assist them in submitting award nominations

Career Development

  • Develop resources to promote the professional development of Civil Service and PHS engineers and architects by addressing issues such as: CVs, Promotions, Performance Evaluations, Leadership Development, and Training
  • Plan and organize career development seminars/webinars
  • Manage the PHS Engineer and Architect Welcome Program.
  • Enhance career and leadership development by promoting and increasing participation among junior and senior engineers in mentoring programs. 
  • Host mentoring events as well as facilitate formal, informal, and situational mentoring requests.


  • Assist and promote the effective use of engineers in response to emergencies affecting public health
  • Inform PHS engineers about and assist with emergency response training opportunities and deployment processes
  • Coordinate the EPAC representation to the Commissioned Corps Readiness Force
  • Promote coordination among related disciplines and Agencies to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach to public health emergency response
  • **New APFT Fitness Resources Website**


  • Manage the PHS Engineer website
  • Develop and publish the EPAC newsletter
  • Facilitate information exchange within the Engineer category
  • Promote EPAC activities through information distribution

Public Health Engineering Practice (PHEP)

  • Provide leadership for PHS engineers to identify and disseminate best public health engineering practice
  • Present public health engineering practice issues, with analysis, information and possible solutions to the Engineer Professional Advisory Committee
  • Please see the PHEP Fact Sheet for more information

Recruitment & Retention

  • Assist Commissioned Corps applicants with job placement and commissioning
  • Assist recruitment of COSTEPS
  • Coordinate and support recruitment activities
  • Identify recruitment documentation needs
  • Support DCCPR in onboarding of engineer officers


  • Review of EPAC member nominations and apportion of EPAC voting seats
  • Update the Engineer Bylaws as necessary
  • Conduct a tri-annual reevaluation of the EPAC Charter


  • Advise the EPAC on matters related to planning and implementing the Category Day Agenda
  • Develop Category Day Agenda, including identifying appropriate speakers
  • Develop and distribute publicity flyers to PHS engineers and the public Publish the Category Day program booklet
  • Coordinate Category Day program with the COF Conference Planning Committee
  • Manage Category Day activities during the symposium
  • Complete all after-action items to ensure all presenters are properly recognized and honorariums or other expenses paid by COF

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