Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Health Services Officer Professional Advisory Committee

HSPAC Executive Board

The HSPAC Executive Board (EB) facilitates the overall execution of the mission and objectives of the HSPAC.  It acts as a steering committee for the operations of the HSPAC by serving in advisory capacity to the HSPAC Chair & CPO.  In this role the EB is responsible for: 

  • Providing the HSPAC leadership feedback on key issues related to the broad operations of the PAC
  • Developing and executing the strategic plan for the HSPAC
  • Identifying key PAC groups/members that need to be informed and considered at the appropriate times
  • Approving new initiatives that help to further the mission of the HSPAC
  • Help to identify topics of discussions for Leadership Calls (e.g., All-Hands, VM Leadership, PAG Leadership, All-Leadership) 

For example, the EB would be responsible for providing advice and guidance on initiating new activities/initiatives proposed by the Subcommittees/PAGs to ensure compliance with the mission and objectives of the HSPAC.  This would include identifying the key members of the PAC that should be consulted with/brought-in (i.e., connecting the dots) during the development and/or implementation phase of new or existing critical activities.  

Roles and Responsibilities: The HSPAC EB is made up of following PAC members based on PAC positions. 

Position Role 2021 Leadership
Chair Chairs/Leads the EB CDR Catherine Beer
Chair-Elect Serves as alternate to the Chair LCDR Elizabeth Goodger
Communications Provides feedback and input as it relates to PAC/PAG Communications CDR Karen Chaves
Policy Provides feedback and input as it relates to PAC/PAG Policies CDR Margaret Caulk
Clinical PAG Representative Provides feedback and input as it relates to clinical PAGs CDR Anissa Shaw
Non-Clinical PAG Representative Provides feedback and input as it relates to non-clinical PAGs CDR Chad Thompson
Executive Sec/Rec Schedule reoccurring meetings and track action items LCDR Mo Halwani
LCDR Chris Hooban

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