Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Health Services Officer Professional Advisory Committee

Resilience Through Meditation (RTM)

A program created by PHS Officers for PHS Officers


The Resilience Through Meditation program was developed by CAPT Candace Hander and CAPT Indira Harris to provide a live, in-person meditation experience for all USPHS Officers and their civilian colleagues in OPDIV’s where there is interest. It is a HSPAC initiative designed to reach ALL Commissioned Corps Officers everywhere they may be stationed, to include those working in remote locations who could benefit from more connection and support.

Mindfulness and Meditation has many benefits that everyone can take advantage of, for example:

  • Overcoming Stress
  • Strengthens ability to remain calm/clear headed under duress
  • Expands capacity for decision making
  • Improved ability to adapt
  • Greater satisfaction with relationships in work and life
  • Helps to increase innovation and creativity

Questions about RTM?

Contact HSPAC Community Wellness Chairs:

LCDR Tracy Avila

LCDR Pamela Ogonowski

Resource Documents

Topic Presenter Resources
Mindfulness CAPT Candace Hander Mindfulness Handout
Mindfulness Challenge
Taking a good seat and
Following the breath
CAPT Indira Harris Taking a Good Seat Handout
Home Practice Start-up guide
Insight Meditation Rebecca Hines Insight Meditation Handout
Counting the Thoughts CAPT Candace Hander Counting thoughts Handout
Naming the thoughts CAPT Candace Hander Naming Thoughts Handout
Mantra CAPT Indira Harris Mantra Handout
Visualization CAPT Candace Hander Visualization Handout
Gatha Poem CAPT Indira Harris Gatha Handout
New Year's Meditation 2020 CAPT Candace Hander "The River" Meditation
Self-Care Guide
New Year Meditation Sandy Menzies One Word Handout
Metta or Lovingkindness Meditation CAPT Indira Harris Loving Kindness Handout
Candle Flame CAPT Candace Hander Candle Flame Handout
RAIN Meditation CAPT Candace Hander RAIN Meditation

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