Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Health Services Officer Professional Advisory Committee

HSPAC Community Wellness Subcommittee

Subcommittee Charge

  • Provide recommendations across the spectrum of wellness to maximize Health Service Officer’s mental and physical health needs and goals;
  • Collaborate with affiliate groups such as the Office of the Surgeon General, DCCPR, HSPAC, USPHS Wellness Team, Commissioned Officers Association, PACE, community partners and service organizations, and other affiliate public health service groups;
  • Identify barriers to and solutions for achieving optimal wellness goals outline in the NPS; Provide national and local outreach to HS officers through communication and resource coordination, and promotion of wellness events;
  • Empower and guide officers within our communities, leading by example, towards achieving their individual health and wellness goals; and
  • Develop strategies and implement tools to monitor and collect outcomes data.

Executive Team

Role Name Agency
Chair LCDR Tracy Avila ACF
Co-chair CDR Danielle Vargas (DiDonna) FDA
Executive Secretary LCDR Jennifer Weekes ICE
Co-Executive Secretary CDR Diana Guidry FDA
XO LCDR Pamela Ogonowski BOP
XO LCDR Jennifer Weekes ICE

Subcommittee Teams

Committee Role Name Agency
Awards / Certificates Lead LCDR Candice Karber NOAA
Communications Lead LCDR Alberta Mirambeau CDC
Co-Lead CDR Monique Salter FDA Lead CDR Latrece Timmons HHS
Website/Social Media Lead LT Lance Pittman HHS
Policy / SOP Lead LCDR Jeremy Hyrczyk IHS
Events Lead Vacant

CAPT Janet Cliatt

CDR Nisha Antoine



Measurement and Evaluation Lead LT Danielle Gilliard-Pella CDC
 Co-Lead CAPT Tricia Booker DHA
Officer Wellness Lead CDR Allah-Fard Sharrieff DHS
Co-Lead LCDR Evette Pinder DoD
Initiatives / Campaigns Lead LCDR Shercoda Smaw FDA
Co-Lead CDR Camille Mitchell BOP

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