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What is NCPS?

  • In 1996, the Indian Health Service (IHS) established pharmacists as primary care providers (PCPs) to allow for privileges including prescriptive authority. The National Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Committee (NCPSC) was established by the Chief Pharmacy Officer in 1997 to provide a mechanism to assure that all Clinical Pharmacy Specialists in Federal Pharmacy display a uniform level of competency.
  • Pharmacists working at any public health facility (IHS, ICE, BOP, CG) may apply for certification as a National Clinical Pharmacy Specialist if they meet the qualifications.

 NCPS Committee strives to:

  • Promote uniform clinical competency
  • Define and recognize advanced scopes of practice for pharmacists
  • Establish critical elements for developing clinical protocols/collaborative practice agreements (CPA)
  • Develop a review process to approve clinical protocols and clinical pharmacy specialists by a national group of subject matter experts to help ensure uniformity of scope and competence
  • Review credentials, protocols, training, and education of Federal Pharmacy pharmacists and grant NCPS certification to recognize a pharmacist’s local privileges that meet the specified qualifications
  • Establish the above elements to help promote universal recognition of NCPS pharmacists as billable providers


For additional information, including certification applications, logs, and forms; committee roster and list of NCPS certified pharmacists; and additional resources, please navigate to the additional NCPS webpages located in the left blue menu bar. 

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