Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Pharmacist Professional Advisory Committee

Pharmacy Organization Liaisons

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Overall Responsibilities

  • Liaison to the PharmPAC and CPO
  • Represent the PHS at meetings
  • Attending annual/midyear meetings (assure PHS representation)
  • Monitor the organization's website
  • Monitor policy issues that may affect PHS pharmacists
  • Research other issues within the organization that may impact PHS pharmacists
  • Work with PharmPAC to identify delegates for meetings
  • Brief the CPO at annual/mid year meetings regarding PHS issues that will be discussed
  • Remain pro-active with the organization and its opportunities

Communicate via the PHS Pharmacist listserv with the PHS Pharmacists regarding:

  • Encourage involvement of PHS pharmacists within the organization
  • Communicate the benefits of organization involvement
  • Leadership position announcements
  • Awards (nomination announcement/deadlines)
  • Call for Abstracts/papers/posters
  • Encourage publishing in journals

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