Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Pharmacist Professional Advisory Committee


 PharmPAC Members

Voting members for the current operational year.

Contact information for committee members can be found here.

Leadership Group
Name Position
RADM Ty Bingham Chief Pharmacy Officer
CDR Melinda McLawhorn PharmPAC Chair
LCDR Honeylit Cueco PharmPAC Chair-Elect
LCDR Lindsay Wagner Executive Secretary
LT Kimberly Nettles Teleconference Coordinator
Administration Subcommittee
Name Position
CAPT Laura Pincock Administration Co-Lead
CDR Sara Doran-Atchison Administration Co-Lead
CDR Jim Dvorsky Administration Co-Lead
CDR Lara Nichols Administration Co-Lead
LCDR Linzi Allen Administration Co-Lead
LCDR Jane McLaughlin Administration Co-Lead
Career Development Subcommittee
Name Position
CDR Hollie Benson Career Development Co-Lead
CDR Aaron Long Career Development Co-Lead
CDR Paul Michaud Career Development Co-Lead
CDR Anna Santoro Career Development Co-Lead
LCDR Kendra Jenkins Career Development Co-Lead
LCDR Jessica Kreger Career Development Co-Lead
Communication Subcommittee
Name Position
CDR Steven Rodgers Communication Co-Lead
LCDR Garrette Martin-Yeboah Communication Co-Lead
LCDR Marleen Tran Communication Co-Lead
Outreach and Recruitment Subcommittee
Name Position
CDR Andrew Fine Outreach & Recruitment Co-Lead
CDR Thomas Hinchliffe Outreach & Recruitment Co-Lead
CDR Sadhna Khatri Outreach & Recruitment Co-Lead
CDR Tami Rodriguez Outreach & Recruitment Co-Lead
LCDR Rodney Waite Outreach & Recruitment Co-Lead
Readiness Subcommittee
Name Position
CDR Alexis Beyer Readiness Co-Lead
CDR Brady Fath Readiness Co-Lead
LCDR Teisha Robertson Readiness Co-Lead

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