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pharmpac_logo.jpgPharmPAC Administration Subcommittee

Purpose: The primary function of the Administration Section of the PharmPAC is to ensure proper and smooth functioning of the day-to-day activities of the PAC.


Our Projects

Some highlighted projects from the PharmPAC Administration Subcommittee's past operational year.


2023 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 winners of the PharmPAC Honor Awards.

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annual_report.pngAnnual Report Activity

Goal: Organize the draft, finalization, and dissemination of an annual report. Work closely with the PharmPAC sub-committees, liaison leads, and metrics & survey leads. Please see last year's Annual Report login required.


history.jpgHistory Activity

Goal: Research and publish articles/papers that highlight the history of the category or the current events in which pharmacists impacted public health.


awards.jpgHonor Awards Activity

Goal: Recognize USPHS pharmacists through PharmPAC Honor Awards. Maintain a list of PharmPAC Honor Awardees.


relations.jpgLiaisons Activity

Goal: Facilitate the two-way communication and participation between USPHS pharmacy and Professional Pharmacy Organizations, as well as report significant items, such as legislative, policy, or ideas, to the PharmPAC.


membership.jpgMembership Activity

Goal: Ensure PharmPAC membership adheres to the requirements set forth in the PharmPAC Charter and SOP. Annually solicit, prepare nominations, and conduct voting for new PharmPAC Voting Members per OSG's timeline.


metrics.pngMetrics and Survery Activity

Goal: Evaluate the state of the Pharmacy Category and effectiveness of the PharmPAC in meeting the goals of its various activities using a combination of established metrics and short, annual Category survey.


USPHS_Special_Assignment_Award_ribbon.pngSAA and Internal Recognition Activity

Goal: Ensure adherence of the PharmPAC to the “Award and Recognition Standards


charter.jpgSOP/Charter Activity

Goal: Revise SOP/Charter as necessary, no less than every three years. Maintain records of previous versions.

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