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The USPHS-Rx for Change: Tobacco Cessation Training Program is a free online-based program.  This program uses up-to-date modules to train any person in the Nation to provide tobacco cessation interventions.  This program is for all individuals, both the lay person and health care professional or support staff.  The program focuses on all forms of tobacco use, including smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). 

USPHS-Rx for Change: Tobacco Cessation Training Program Goals

  1. Reduce tobacco use throughout the Nation.
  2. Increase the number of people providing evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions.
  3. Provide up to date modules concerning tobacco use, products, and cessation therapy and resources.


The USPHS-Rx for Change: Tobacco Cessation Training Program consists of basic and population specific modules.  The two basic modules are Five A’s and Ask-Advise-Refer.  These courses are recommended for all participants.  One of our population specific modules is the Ask-Advise-Refer Youth Module.  The Native Population module is soon to come!  More information or courses on psychiatry, cardiology, respiratory care, and other topics can be accessed through Rx for Change*.  The Five A's module is also accessible through the Purdue University Tobacco Cessation Pharmacy CE Course**.  Continuing education credits may be available for certain providers who take the Five A’s module through Purdue**.

1. The link below will take you to the Purdue Online training website with more information on the Tobacco Cessation Behavioral Counseling and Pharmacotherapy course (also known as "Five A's") and directions on how to access it. If this is your first time accessing Purdue's online training, you will have to Register (Click "Sign In" then "Create New Account")

2.  The course is free, but you will have to "Add to Cart" and then "Proceed to Checkout". Once you have completed the Checkout process, click on "My Profile" and then "Current Enrollments" to find and access the course by clicking on "Go to Course".

3. You will then receive an email from Purdue University Brightspace with your new user account information for the Brightspace platform that Purdue offers their training through. The email will provide you with your username and you will need to click on the provided link to create a new password.

4. Once your Brightspace username and password are established, you may log onto Brightspace ( though the "Online Corporate and noncredit" log-in.

5. Click on the Tobacco Cessation/Behavioral Counseling course and then click "Content" in the top menu. Click on "Behavioral Counseling & Pharmacotherapy in the navigation menu on the left of the webpage and use the provided Handouts and Aids to complete the modules (3 total) and Post Test.

Tobacco Free Pledge

To participate in this program, users must sign a Tobacco Free Pledge. Participants are asked to stay away from tobacco products and be a visible example for those that need help in their difficult journey to cessation freedom.  This pledge is a personal act that demonstrates the participant's commitment to ending the tobacco use epidemic in the United States and promotes the Office of the Surgeon General's health priority of tobacco free living.

Have you signed the Tobacco Free Pledge? If so, choose your module here!

Recognition Program

A recognition program, Tobacco Cessation Services Workgroup Training Resources Recognition Program (TRiP), has been created!  Once you complete the USPHS-Rx for Change: Tobacco Cessation Training Program, participate in local TRiP qualifying events to use your new skills to protect, promote, and advance the health of the American people through tobacco cessation interventions and tobacco use prevention!  For additional details, click "Recognition Program" in the left blue menu bar.

RX for Change

*RX for Change is a Clinician-Assisted Tobacco Cessation training program designed to equip users with evidence-based knowledge and skills to assist tobacco users with quitting. The program draws heavily from the U.S. Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guideline for Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence; it advocates delivery of tailored behavioral counseling interventions in conjunction with pharmacotherapy. This program addresses all forms of tobacco, not just cigarettes, and the materials focus on counseling all tobacco users—regardless of their readiness to quit. All materials have undergone extensive external review by key experts in the field.

Purdue University School of Pharmacy Office of Continuing Education logo

**The Purdue College of Pharmacy Office of Continuing Education offers a Pharmacy CE Tobacco Cessation training course designed to enhance the knowledge of healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive tobacco cessation counseling services. It’s material is similar to that of the Rx for Change website that draws heavily from the U.S. Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guideline for Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence. Through this program, healthcare providers will be equipped with the basic skills necessary to perform meaningful tobacco interventions.

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