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Tobacco Cessation Services Workgroup Training Resources Recognition Program (TRiP)

The Tobacco Cessation Services Workgroup Training Resources Recognition Program (TRiP) strives to protect, promote, and advance the health of the American people through tobacco cessation interventions and tobacco use prevention. The TRiP recognizes individuals who support this mission and lead or participate in a qualifying event.

Qualifying Events

Potential qualifying events include:

  • Health fairs
  • Community events
  • Live presentations of the USPHS-Rx for Change: Tobacco Cessation Training Program (Note: Those presenting or serving as evaluators at live courses must be confirmed as a USPHS-Rx for Change Evaluator or Presenter.)

Please note that qualifying events are not limited to the above. TRiP Leads will evaluate additional types of events for consideration.

All events should be open to the public. Events are strongly encouraged to be held in connection with community organizations (i.e., tribal, local, state, or national). Events must include at least five (5) PHS officers and three (3) supporters OR two (2) PHS officers and five (5) supporters.

Participation and Eligibility 

Choose an event from the event calendar or create a new event. You can serve as the Event Lead or join an existing team as a participant. Anyone can participate (e.g., civilians, family members, Public Health Service (PHS) officers), but one of the Event Leads must be a PHS officer. All officers should wear PHS attire to increase Corps visibility in the community.

Approved Tobacco Cessation Programs 

Leads and participants are required to complete one of the following programs to receive

1) USPHS Rx for Change —modules AND evaluation (Click here to take the course)
2) Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Education Program
3) University of Arizona, HealthCare Partner-ship – Basic Tobacco Intervention Skills

Levels of Participation with Responsibilities and Requirements

Supporter — An individual who has not com-pleted one of the approved tobacco cessation programs and is present to help with logistics (i.e., signing individuals in, sorting paperwork, event set up). A certificate will NOT be given for this level.

Participant—Participates in an established qualifying event and plays a part in
promoting the mission of the TRiP at the event. Participants must participate in at least two (2) approved events per year to receive a certificate.

Event Lead—Organizes and attends at least one (1) approved event per year.

Area Event Lead— Event Leads who
organize and attend a minimum of three (3) approved events per year.

Event Approval Requirements

The Event Lead or Area Event Lead must:

Submit an event for approval at least 14 days prior to event occurrence. TRiP Leads will respond within 3 business days concerning approval or denial of an event request.
The following information should be sent to for approval:

  • Event Name
  • Event Description
  • Event Leader (rank, first and last name, contact email, and category)
  • Event Location
  • Event Date & Time
  • Event Website (if applicable)
  • Certificate from completed tobacco cessation program

Create a team for the qualifying event and participate at the event.

Ensure all officers wear attire or display a banner/flag that identifies PHS.

Submit a Participant Log within 30 days of event completion.
(Note: The participation log will be provid-ed upon approval of the qualifying event.)

Recognition Certificate

Certificates will be provided for Area Event Lead, Event Lead, and Participants (NOT Supporters). In order to receive a certificate, all responsibilities and requirements for the applicable level of participation must be completed. TRiP Leads will issue certificates on a biannual basis based off of submitted participant logs. Event Leads are encouraged to provide letters of appreciation to event supporters.

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