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USPHS-Rx for Change: Tobacco Cessation Training Program Skills Assessment, Survey, and CE

After reviewing the reference materials for a module and passing the exams, participants must perform a successful skills assessment.

Skills Assessment (5 A's and Ask-Advise-Refer modules)

After completing the Five A’s or the Ask-Advise-Refer course, each participant must complete a skills assessment with an evaluator*. Only one skills asssessment is required. The skills assessment should be completed within one month of module completion. The skills assessment is required to receive a certificate.

The skills assessment will be conducted via FaceTime, Skype, or other means. This will be determined by the participant and the evaluator. During the skills assessment, the participant will be given two scenarios (one where the evaluator is ready to quit and one where the evaluator is NOT ready to quit). The evaluator will roleplay as the patient, and the participant will use their new skills on the patient. A grading rubric will be provided to the participant prior to the skills evaluation.

  1. The participant must schedule a skills assessment with an evaluator by sending a detailed email containing his/her name, module completed, contact information, and time zone to Include "Skills Assessment" in the subject line. The participant should receive a standardized email confirming receipt of the skills assessment email request.
  2. Within five business days, an evaluator should contact the participant to schedule the skills assessment. If an evaluator does not contact the participant within five business days, the user should send a second email request to for a skills assessment.

*Evaluators are qualified tobacco cessation educators that have taught tobacco cessation skills as well as helped tobacco users achieve tobacco-free futures.

Post-Module Survey (All modules)

All participants completing a module must complete the post-module survey to receive a certificate. All survey responses will be confidential, and they will be used to improve the training program.

The certificate will be sent to the participant after the post-module survey is submitted.

CE Credit

ACPE.pngThe Purdue University Pharmacy Continuing Education 5 A's Course (Tobacco Cessation - Behavioral Counseling & Pharmacotherapy) is the only module offering CE credit now.

Please check back again soon or details regarding possible CE credit associated with other USPHS-Rx for Change: Tobacco Cessation Training Program modules.

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