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COA Category Day 2017

The Next COF Symposium will be held in Chattanooga, TN June 4-8th.  More info to follow.

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52nd Annual COF Symposium will be held in Chattanooga, TN, June 6-9th, 2017

Theme: “Mobilizing a Culture of Healthy Living- Successes and Challenges”

Category Day: Wednesday, June 7, 2017

For more information, visit the COF Symposium website:

Attention all PHS Commissioned Corps physicians:

Bottom Line Up Front: Please contact if you’ll be attending the 2017 PHS COF Symposium and are interested in participating in the Medical category’s “Speed Mentoring” session on Tuesday, June 6 (as either a Mentor or Mentee).

The 2017 PHS COF Symposium is one of the very best ways on planet earth to learn more about working in and progressing in the various agencies within PHS, network with hundreds of impressive colleagues, and learn more about leadership and officership.  And Category Day is focused directly on helping you as a PHS physician.  This year’s conference is the week of June 4th in Chattanooga, TN.

We would like to encourage all PHS physicians to consider attending the Symposium this year.  Registration rates start as low as about $200.  Many agencies are supportive of officers attending and may even cover some of the costs, so definitely ask.

We particularly would like to let you know that physician Category Day is Wednesday June 7th, and there is a special “Mentoring Session” planned Tuesday June 6th, and a “Speed Mentoring” session will be offered.  Anyone interested in registering for the Symposium and attending the Mentoring Session as either a Mentor or Mentee, please let us know.  We are planning to have volunteer PHS Mentors available to assist Mentees with things like CV review, promotion advice, agency transfer insights, retirement advice, and help with anything else requested.

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