Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Veterinarian Professional Advisory Committee


James  H. Steele One Health Outstanding PHS Veterinary Career Award

                - In honor of Dr. Steele’s remarkable contributions across a diversity of national and international assignments and in national and international leadership positions, the UPSHS veterinary category recognizes veterinary officer holding a rank of O5-O8 who demonstrate significant, sustained career achievements towards One Health. Awardees demonstrate positive impacts – direct or indirect – on the general state of national and/or international health; contributions on the US Public Health Service (USPHS), its affiliated agencies, or other health agencies; or on the USPHS veterinary category.


Veterinary Responder of the Year Award

                - The VetPAC recognizes officers or groups of officer who demonstrate outstanding leadership in a response activity. Awardee(s) exhibit a combination of the following contributions:

    • A one-time extraordinary impact on public health preparedness and response, or
    • A career of contributions to emergency preparedness or disaster response
    • A significant role in one or multiple deployments
    • Completed training and education applicable to preparedness and response
    • Participated in publications and presentations in the public arena related to preparedness and response
    • A significant impact on the agency’s mission
    • A willingness to give credit to the U.S. Public Health Service for deployment activities


Junior PHS Veterinary Officer of the Year Award

                - The VetPAC recognizes veterinary officers at the rank of O-4 or below who demonstrate significant contributions in achieving the U.S. Public Health Service mission of improving the Nation’s health through veterinary public health activities.


Dr. Daniel E. Salmon Award for Exemplary Achievement in Federal Veterinary Medicine

                - The Salmon Award is presented annually by the National Association of Federal Veterinarians to recognize outstanding contributions and notable service in the public's interest by a veterinarian federally employed in any human health, environmental health or animal health discipline. This award was established to honor the first director of the United States Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Animal Industry in its centennial year--1984. Dr. Daniel E. Salmon was a world renowned veterinary medical scientist who pioneered research in bacterial diseases of animals and in immunology. His efforts led to the development of killed vaccines and to the naming of the bacterial genus Salmonella in his honor. His work contributed immeasurably to improving the public's health and to disease control efforts in general. Every year the VetPAC nominates a veterinary officer who has a minimum of 5 years of federal service to represent the U.S. Public Health Service veterinary officers for this award

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