Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Veterinarian Professional Advisory Committee

Members & Subcommittees

2018 Vet PAC Voting Members
Rank Last Name First Name Agency Term Ends
CDR Hale Christa CDC  2020
CDR Holzbauer Stacy CDC 2019
CDR McCollum Jeffrey IHS 2018
CDR Knust Barbara CDC 2019
CDR Wilder-Kofie Temeri NIH 2018
CDR Taylor Ethel FDA  2020
CDR Wilson Wanda FSIS 2020
LCDR Anderson Tara CDC 2018
LCDR Gill Jaspreet FSIS 2020
LCDR Greene Kevin FSIS 2020
LCDR Schmitz Ann CDC 2018
LT Doyle Matthew FDA 2020
Dr. Nicole Lukovsky Civil Service Rep
2018 Vet PAC - Subcommittees and Leadership
SubCommittee/Role Chair/Lead Co-Chair/Chair-Elect
Awards CDR Stacy Holzbauer LCDR Ann Schmitz
Career Development LCDR Tara Anderson LCDR Kevin Greene
Communications CDR Ethel Taylor LCDR Danielle Buttke
Meetings CDR Wanda Wilson CDR SanYvette Williams
Readiness & Deployment CDR Temeri Wilder-Kofie CDR SanYvette Williams
Recruitment CDR Jeff McCollum LCDR Jaspreet Gill
Civil Service Rep Dr. Kristina McElroy Dr. Nicole Lukovsky
COA Liaison CDR Heather Bair-Brake N/A
JOAG Liaison LT Darby Murphy N/A
Historian CDR William Lanier N/A
Executive Secretary LT Matthew Doyle N/A
Website Administrator CDR Mark Freedman N/A
Vet PAC CDR Barbara Knust CDR Christa Hale
Chief Professional Officer CAPT John Gibbins N/A

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