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Women's Issues Subcommittee (WIS) Membership

The Women’s Issues Subcommittee (WIS) developed multiple resources to assist dental officers to attain recognition for their contributions and achievements, involvement in professional organizations, and managing stress through exercise.  WIS encourages all officers to maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

WIS Support Resources

1. WIS Awards Initiative 

The Women’s Issues Subcommittee (WIS) has developed an awards initiative to assist dental officers to attain recognition for their contributions and achievement. The links below are provided to be used as a guide.

2. Promotion

Click here for Promotion Information.

3. WIS Dental Public Health & Affiliations

The Women’s Issues Subcommittee (WIS) is committed to assisting dental officers in career development and educational achievement. As part of this initiative, the following web links are provided for access to information about dental public health residency education, training, experience, and certification.

Dental Public Health Residencies/Board Certification

4.  WIS Mind and BODY Wellness Initiative

The The Women’s Issues Subcommittee is promoting officers in their mind and body wellness to affirm Healthy People 2020. A healthy mind is a prerequisite to a person’s overall well-being, which in turn creates healthy families as well as increased productivities at work. One of the ways to obtain positive mental health is to reduce and prevent daily stress along with learning healthier ways to manage stress.

The following web links are provided to aid in stress management:

Organize a PHS Athletics Event or Participate in a Virtual Run!

WIS encourages all dentists, friends, & family to join Public Health Service (PHS) Athletics on their mission to protect, promote, and advance the health of American people through fitness by being an Event Leader or a participant.  Learn more about PHS Athletics, the Surgeon General’s Fitness Team and the Event Calendar on the PHS Athletics website: The new calendar year for PHS Athletics runs from June 1, 2019-May 30, 2020.

2019 Couch to 5K Race


2019 IHS Dental Updates 5K Run and 3K Walk


St. Patrick's Day Shamrockin' 5K

Despite being a blustery and cold 40 degrees, USPHS officers detailed to the USCG District 5 in Virginia came out to show some PHS pride and comraderie with our sister service at the USCG Base Portsmouth annual St. Patrick's Day Shamrockin' 5K. We showed we didn't just talk the talk but we also ran the run - LCDR Carol Wong (Event Leader) placed 1st in her age group and CDR Robert Marietta placed 2nd in his age group.


"Protecting our People, Protects our Mission"
The weather was perfect as PHS officers from Dental (LCDR Carol Wong - Event Organizer), Pharmacy, and Medical joined their fellow Coast Guard members in participating in the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Awareness 5K at the Coast Guard Base Portsmouth in Virginia.  PHS pride was in full display!


Hearts for Honduras 5K, 10K, Kids 1K

What a great turnout on Labor Day - total of 19 participants! 2 Medical Officers, 1 Optometrist, 2 Nurses, 1 Engineer, and 1 Dental Officer from the IHS Santa Fe Service units and their kids.

pic-wis-HeartforHonduras1.jpg6 Age Group Winners


Upcoming PHS Athletics Events


5. Volunteer Activities

CDR Wong, LCDR Rachuba, and LT Kaelke at Baltimore RAM EventClick Here for 2019 Baltimore RAM Event Notes

RAM Baltimore Sterilization AreaRAM Baltimore Treatment Area

6. WIS Junior Officer Mentoring

The Women's Issues Subcommittee (WIS) is committed to providing mentoring to junior dental officers from all agencies. Our WIS Subcommittee consists of women officers from HRSA, IHS, and BOP. Dental officers from all agencies, including those not represented by the agencies of our committee members are welcome to participate in the WIS Junior Officer Mentoring Initiative.  Please contact CDR Carol Wong if you are interested.

7. Gender Statistics

The Women's Issues Subcommittee (WIS) under the lead of CAPT Larsen recently completed a comparison of the percentage of female versus male officers in IHS, BOP, HRSA, USCG, and IHSC for 2019 and compared those statistics with 2018.

2019 Dental Category Gender Statistics
2018 Dental Category Gender Statistics

8. Increase awareness of USPHS to the members and student chapters of the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD)

A brochure on the pros and cons of women dentists in private and public health practices as well as featured Dental Officers from different agencies was created by LCDR Hain and LCDR Ortega to answer questions proposed by members of the AAWD.

Click here for WIS Brochure

9. Unofficial Resource Guides

The Commissioned Corps Women's Issues Advisory Board (CCWIAB)'s mission is to identify and analyze key issues that impact women in the Commissioned Corps and to develop action plans to address these issues. CCWIAB has published resource guides which has helpful information on marriage, divorce, dependent survivors, and expectant parents. See link below:

10. Other Resource Guides

Medical Waiver Program

TRICARE Coverage of Breast Pumps, Breast Pump Supplies, and Breastfeeding Counseling

Protecting, Promoting, and Advancing the Health and Safety of Our Nation.

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