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Environmental Health Officer Professional Advisory Committee

The EHOPAC consists of eleven Subcommittees. Information about each EHOPAC Subcommittee can be found below.

Awards and Recognition  Return to top of page

The Awards and Recognition Subcommittee is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 EHOPAC Awards - Visit the EHOPAC News.

The Awards and Recognition Subcommittee is responsible for overseeing the selection process for the Edward (Ted) Moran, John G. Todd, John C. Eason, and Thomas E. Crow and the Responder of the Year Awards.

They are also responsible for the Environmental Health Officer Professional Advisory Committee Honor Award and other recognition programs. This Subcommittee has a fixed membership, so it is not possible to volunteer for membership on this Subcommittee.

Chair: CDR Racquel Williams 

 Awards and Recognition Resources

Career Development  Return to top of page

The Career Development Subcommittee advises the EHOPAC on issues affecting both Commissioned Corps and Civil Service EHO career activities, related to assignments, evaluations, promotions and job satisfaction. Specific functions include the following:

  • Provides guidance and recommendations for billet utilization;
  • Provides career development resources and services to EHOs for the promotion process;
  • Advises EHO category on Commissioned Officers Effectiveness Reports (COERs);
  • Provides recommendations for EHO position classifications and development of career improvement tracks;
  • Identifies additional opportunities to augment training and experience for Environmental Health Professionals to include credentialing, certifications, and advanced degree programs;
  • Assesses and reviews performance evaluation factors (benchmarks);
  • Provides career counseling and improves retention through career development activities; and,
  • Partners with other subcommittees to enhance resources and services for Environmental Health Professionals.

Co-Chairs: CDR Mike Quinn and CDR Travis Bowser

Career Development Resources


Communications  Return to top of page

The Communications Subcommittee is responsible for evaluating and addressing EHOPAC communication needs, as well as overseeing the EHOPAC’s publications and social media. Established in January 2015 as a working group, Communications was later elevated to the Subcommittee level in December 2016.

Co-Chairs: LCDR Michelle Dittrich and LT Kathryn McNamara

Communications Working Group Resources


History  Return to top of page

The History Subcommittee’s main function is to preserve historical facts, documents, and photos from the EHO Category, by maintaining and updating the following categories of information in electronic archives and the EHOPAC Website:

  • Historical narratives of the beginning of our category, with updates to major milestones over time;
  • Lists of CPOs and PAC Chairs; historical EHOPAC meeting minutes; and
  • Pictures, files, and letters of historical significance.

Chair: CDR William Bird and CDR Martin Smith

History Resources


Information Technology  Return to top of page

The Information Technology Subcommittee of the EHOPAC was formed to provide coordination for the use of Information Technology by the EHOPAC. Current activities include the maintenance of the EHOPAC Website, as well as starting an EHOPAC LISTSERV. The EHOPAC is committed to continuing to make use of new technologies that improve our ability to communicate with the members of the EHO Category and other Environmental Health Professionals throughout DHHS.

Chair: CDR Erin Evans


Marketing and Recruitment  Return to top of page

The Marketing and Recruitment (M&R) Subcommittee was formed to assist environmental health candidates and students in various areas. Some distinct areas were established by EHOPAC Leadership to include: Applicant Assistance and Placement, the Junior Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program (JRCOSTEP), Recruitment, and Marketing of critical information.

Co-Chairs:  CDR David Bales and CDR Andrew Kupper

Marketing and Recruitment Resources


Mentoring and Orientation  Return to top of page

The Environmental Health Officer Mentoring and Orientation Subcommittee is responsible for maintaining and coordinating the Environmental Health Officer Mentoring Program. They are also responsible for developing mentor resource materials and providing periodic mentor orientation and training.

Co-Chairs: CDR Candis Hunter and LCDR Krista Ferry

Mentoring Resources


Policies and Standards  Return to top of page

The Policies and Standards Subcommittee serves the following functions:

  • Promotes the professional image of environmental health professionals by providing a forum for discussing and making recommendations for revisions of professional standards for both the Civil Service and the EHO category;
  • Establishes and coordinates revisions of EHO appointment standards;
  • Makes recommendations for professional registration and certifications appropriate for the EHO category;
  • Assists CPO, Appointment Boards, applicants, and general EHOs with questions about appointment standards, including qualifying degree eligibility and work experience credit;
  • Reviews and revises the EHOPAC Charter and Bylaws;
  • Discusses issues relevant to operating procedures for the EHOPAC;
  • Stays current with policy decisions from DCCPR;
  • Serves as the Nominating Committee whenever needed;
  • Refers emerging issues to other subcommittees for review/action/comment; and,
  • Evaluates and makes recommendations on issues that may arise which do not fit the responsibilities of another standing subcommittee.

Co-Chairs: LCDR Doug Erling

Policies and Standards Resources


Readiness  Return to top of page

The mission of the Readiness Subcommittee is to assist officers with maintaining basic readiness and to provide deployment related resources to assist officers preparing for future deployments.

Co-Chairs: LCDR Charlie Darr and LCDR Steven Merritt

Readiness Resource Page


Training and Events  Return to top of page

The mission of the Training and Events Subcommittee is to research, compile, and promote environmental health and leadership training opportunities within the EHO Category; to coordinate the Commissioned Officers Foundation EHO Category Day, and; to develop training guidance for different specialties and ranks in the EHO Category.

Co-Chairs: LCDR Sam Frank and LCDR Steven Galvez

Continuing Education and Training Resource Page

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