Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Health Services Officer Professional Advisory Committee

HSPAC Awards Subcommittee

Subcommittee Charge

  • To annually solicit and administer nominations for the CAPT Stanley J. Kissel award, the CAPT Joseph Garcia Jr. Awards, the Health Services PAC Responder of the Year award, the HSPAC Excellence in Mentorship Award, and the AMEDD Junior Leader's Course.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the CPO, Chair, or Vice-Chair.

Awards Subcommittee Activities

  • January-March :  Submit HSPAC Call for Nominations for the Kissel, Garcia, Responder of the Year and Excellence in Mentorship Awards.  Nominations are reviewed, deidentified, and prepared for scoring.  Selections made for the AMEDD Junior Leader's course.
  • April :  Nominations for Kissel, Garcia, Responder of the Year, and Excellence in Mentorship are scored and finalized.
  • May - July  :  Kissel, Garcia, HSPAC Responder of the Year, and Excellence in Mentorship Award are announced at the annual COA/COF meeting.
  • December :  Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Junior Leader's Course nomination process begins.

Executive Team

Role Name Agency
Chair CDR Shannon Aldrich FDA
Co-Chair CDR Kari Irvin FDA
Recorder LT Albert Licup CMS
PAG/PAC Awards Team Lead CDR Renae Hill CMS
Ex-Officio CDR Renae Hill CMS
Secretary LCDR Ashley Frost IHS

Subcommittee Teams

Committee Role Name
SOP Team Lead CDR Cara Nichols
Communications Team Team Lead CDR Neelam Ghiya
Members CDR Adriane Niare
LCDR Eileen Bosso
De-Identifiers Team Team Lead CDR Tara Houda
Team Co-lead CDR Johnnie Purify
Members CDR Daniela Cohn-Aizic
CDR Keisha Bayne
LCDR Samantha Morgan
CDR Cole Weeks
LCDR Benoit (Ben) Mirindi
CDR Tricia Bolyes
CDR Michelle Gielski
CDR Jayne Vander Hey-Wright
CDR John Maynard
CAPT Judy Pyant
CDR Monica Rueben
CDR David Wright
LCDR Daniela Cohn-Aizic
LCDR Jessica Damon
LCDR Kimberley Hawkins
CDR Keisha Bayne
CDR Tricia Bolyes
CDR Daniela Cohn-Aizic
CDR Jessica Damon
CDR Michelle Gielski
CDR Kimberley Hawkins
CDR Collins Mason
CDR Jayne Vander Hey-Wright
CDR David Wright
LCDR Samantha Morgan
CDR Cole Weeks
LCDR Bryan Shelby
LCDR Benoit (Ben) Mirindi
LCDR Stephanie Chiang
LCDR Roberto Garza
Excellence in Mentorship Team Team lead CDR Gabriela Ramirez-Leon
Members CDR Julia Bryan
CDR Daniela Cohn-Aizic
CDR Helen Cox
CDR Samantha Fontenelle
CDR Suzie Garza
LCDR Tchernavia Gregory
LCDR Katrina Sloan
LCDR Renee Smith
CDR Frances De Jesus
LCDR Vanessa Goosen
Garcia Award Team Team Lead CDR Jennifer Bornemann
Members CDR Melinda Ruiz
LCDR Ayana Stanley
LCDR Fahad Alsayyid
LCDR Charles Boison
LCDR Cornelius Brown III
LCDR Juana Figueroa
LCDR Onieka Carpenter
LCDR Danielle Baquero
Kissel Award Team Team Lead LCDR Mark Small
Team Co-lead CDR Amy Chanlongbutra
Members CDR Sharon Bydonie
CDR Amornrat Chanlongbutra
CDR Ryan Manning
LCDR Shaun Mcmullen
CDR Lane Vause
Responder Award Team Team Lead
LCDR Bridget Baker
CDR Kari Harris
CDR Lynda Lee-Bishop
CAPT Miguel Medina
CDR Tracy Pace
CDR Jeremy Parmley
LCDR Yee Vang
CDR Cara Nichols
LCDR Jennifer Freiman
Awards Technical Review Team Lead CDR Monique Worrell-Oriola
Members CDR Nicolette Bennett
CDR Zanethia Eubanks
CAPT Celia Gabrel
LCDR Sandra Pelto
CDR Sarah Stienbarger-Prei
CDR Sara Azimi-Bolourian
PAC Award Team Team Lead LCDR Danielle Baquero
LCDR Richard Bashay
CDR Christopher Lim
CDR Jonathan Whitehart
PAC Award Team Team Lead CDR Nicolette Bennett
Members CDR Michael Clay
CDR Michelle Gielski
CDR Kari Harris
Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Junior Leader's Course Team Team Lead CDR Shannon Beyale
Members CDR Tomika Bivens
CDR Laurie Brown
LCDR Angelica Chica
CDR Stephanie Felder
CDR Cindy Flacks

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