Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Health Services Officer Professional Advisory Committee

2019 HSPAC Career Development Subcommittee

Subcommittee Charge

  • To function in a resource and advisory capacity to assist in disseminating career development and training information to HSOs.
  • To identify issues of interest and facilitate the resolution of concerns as they relate to career development and training.
  • Support career development needs of HSOs through various communication mechanisms.

Subcommittee Team Functions

TEAM 1: Career Progression Resources Team (CPRT): The objective of this team is to serve in a resource capacity related to career progression by keeping abreast of new developments and policies relating to an officer’s progression in the Corps. CPRT develops and distributes content that may be helpful to an Officer’s career progression. The content may be in the format of written documents or webinars.

TEAM 2: Operations (OPs): The objective of this team is to serve in an operational capacity to provide information and guidance to all HSOs by the means of several conduits, including, but not limited to, submissions of website updates and document revisions, and also drafting PAC communications for our subcommittee including PAC Listserv announcements, letters, webinar announcements, and conference calls. We facilitate the annual combined Coaching on Demand/CV Review activity to pair Jr. Officers with Sr. Officers for guidance and mentoring and oversee the HSPAC Federal Jobs page that provides immediate information for new career opportunities available to HSOs.

Team 3: Career Progression and Promotion Guidance (CP2G): The objective of this team is to provide a comprehensive HSPAC CP2G toolkit for our HSOs. The HSPAC CP2G Toolkit is made up of the various guidance and required documents necessary for promotion (including promotion specific webinars and support services). Additionally, the HSPAC CP2G Toolkit also includes various guidance documents to assist you HSOs with career progression. All CP2G Toolkit resources are updated at least annually with feedback from the previous’ year HSPAC Promotion Board members.

Executive Team

Role Name Agency
Chair LCDR Elizabeth Goodger HRSA
Co-Chair CDR Pieter Van Horn ICE

Subcommittee Teams

Committee Role Name Agency
Team 1: Career Progression Resources Team (CPRT) Lead CDR LaJeana Hawkins CDC
Co-Lead CAPT William Bolduc ACF
Members CAPT Claudine Samanic CDC
CDR William Bolduc ACF
CDR Brian Burt IHS
CDR Deloris Caldwell ICE
CDR Cindy Eugene HRSA
CDR LaJeana Hawkins CDC/NCHS
CDR Darin Wiegers FDA
CDR Valerie Marshall FDA
CDR John Diehl FDA
CDR Donelle Johnson SAMHSA
CDR Leah Johnson CDC
CDR Deidre Washington-Jones HRSA
CDR Mellissa Walker DOD
CDR Vickie Stowers IHSC
LCDR Oumou Barry FDA
LCDR Shannon Beyale IHS
LCDR Eileen Bosso CDC
LCDR Heather Joseph CDC/NCEZID
LCDR Kathryn Morris BOP
CDR Anita Pullani CDC
Team 2 : Operations (OPs) Co-Lead LCDR Ryan Marie Smith CMS
Co-Lead LCDR Christopher Sheehan HHS/OS
Members CAPT Monica Jessup CMS
CDR Zanethia Eubanks USDA
CDR Gina Ligonde DHS
LCDR Kimberly Calvery DOD
LCDR Ricky Cooksey HHS
LCDR Kathy Fowler CDC
LCDR Sandra Pelto IHS
LCDR Tiffany Taliaferro FDA
LCDR Jennifer Tate CMS
LT Mouhamed Halwani FDA
LT Beth Zalno BOP
Team 3 : Career Progression and Promotion Lead LCDR Jennifer Clements FDA
Co-Lead LCDR Kate Morris BOP
Team 4 : Core Competencies Team Lead CDR Bryna Forson HRSA
Co-Lead LT Brandon Fain BOP

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