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HSPAC Job Announcements on MAX.Gov

Click here [url] to view Job Announcements on MAX.Gov

Health Services Assignment Assistance Program (HSAAP)

While not a placement service, the program will match HSO officers with a HSAAP Liaison who will assist the officer through the process of securing a new suitable assignment.  Click the link to access the HSAAP site.

Job Applicant CV

The following DOC contains optional Job Applicant CV that was created to serve as a guidance to officers as a guide when applying for jobs and should represent your professional career. It is not a required document for the Category. Please note that this is not the Official HS Category CV that is required for category business, promotion, and the CV that should be placed in your eOPF.

Click here [doc] to view Job Applicant CV

HSPAC Mock Interviews: Practice Your Interviewing Skills

    HSPAC Career Progression Resource Team, invites HSOs to practice their interviewing skills throughout the year! This opportunity provides one-on-one mock interviews with officers who have prior interviewing and supervisory experience. This simulation of an actual job interview will provide HSOs with constructive feedback in a low-stress environment to improve techniques, boost confidence, and reduce anxiety. This practice can be helpful to refresh and improve interviewing skills prior to an upcoming scheduled interview. The goal is to match HSOs with an interviewer from the agency in which they have the interview. For all other HSOs looking to sharpen their interviewing skills, we welcome these requests as well. If you are interested in participating, please contact CDR Vickie Stowers at  

    Job Interview Tip Sheet

    This tip sheet provides information that is intended to inform and assist officers with steps to be well prepared before, during, and after an interview for a new position. It is for informational purposes only and carries no guaranty of success.”

    Click here [pdf] to view HSPAC Job Tip Sheet.pdf

    CDS Interview Webinar Slides Dec. 16, 2020

    Click here [ppt] to view CDS Interview Webinar Slides

    HSPAC USAJobs Tips

    This tip sheet has been developed to provide assistance and guidance to HSOs in navigating website. It is intended as a helpful guide only during their job search and not as a comprehensive resource or guarantee of success when searching and/or applying for their next position.

    Click here [pdf] to view HSPAC USAJOBS Tips

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