Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Health Services Officer Professional Advisory Committee

2020 HSPAC Communications Subcommittee

Subcommittee Charge

  • Disseminate information via HSPAC listserv
  • Maintain HSPAC Website (including HSPAC Calendar), site, Listserv and other toolsets
  • Develop communication templates for PAC-wide use & ensure latest templates and communication processes are posted on our Communications Toolkit page
  • Develop videos/digital podcasts and publications including: HSO News You Can Use (biweekly newsletter), HSPAC News and Views (HSPAC Quarterly Newsletter), HSOs in Action: Special Report
  • Engage officers & public health community via new media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)

Executive Division

Role Name Agency
Chair CDR Elizabeth Garza CDC
Co-Chair CDR Karen Chaves AHRQ
Co-Chair LCDR Felicia Warren CDC
Co-Executive Secretary CDR Lisa Flores FDA
Co-Executive Secretary LCDR Lindsay Hatch FDA
Lead Visual Design Specialist LCDR Pamela Ogonowsk FDA
Lead Visual Design Specialist LCDR Jen Eng FDA
SOP Lead CDR Collins Mason FDA
Facebook Team
Role Name Agency
Team Lead LCDR Murewa Oguntimein FDA
Spotlight Track Co-Lead CDR Shani Smith FDA
Spotlight Track Co-Lead LCDR Valerie Albrecht CDC
Health Promotion Track Co-Lead LCDR Lindsay Hatch FDA
Health Promotion Track Co-Lead LCDR Megan Brose NIH
Twitter / Instagram Team
Role Name Agency
Co-Lead LCDR Pamela Ogonowski FDA
Co-Lead LCDR Jen Eng FDA
Members CDR Collins Mason FDA
CDR Frances de Jesus FDA
CDR LaShonda Roberson CDC
LCDR Cynthia Chennault IHS
LCDR Lorraine Williams CMS

Communications Products Division

PAC Announcements Team
Role Name Agency
Co-Lead CDR Johnni Daniel CDC
Co-Lead CDR Kimberley Ricketts HHS
Members CDR Jennifer Danieley FDA
Quarterly Newsletter Team
Role Name Agency
Co-Lead LT John-Martin Jackson FDA
Co-Lead LCDR Janesia Robbs FDA
Lead Editor CDR Keisha Bayne HRSA
Editors CDR Karen Beckham HRSA
CDR Erich Kleinschmidt HRSA
LCDR Fleurette Brown IHS
LCDR Alicia Sherrell HRSA
LT Jennifer Enigk BOP
HSOs In Action: Special Edition Team
Role Name Agency
Co-Lead LCDR Kimberly Goodwin CDC
Co-Lead CDR Jessica Damon CDC
HSPAC Readiness Subcommittee Senior Advisor CAPT Julie Erb-Alvarez NIH
HSPAC Communications Subcommittee Senior Advisor CDR Elizabeth Garza CDC
Lead Visual Design Specialist LCDR Mouhamed Halwani FDA

Technology Division

Web Team
Role Name Agency
Co-Lead CDR David Schwab FDA
Co-Lead CDR Francis Bertulfo ICE
Web Members CAPT Van Tran FDA
CDR Armando Santiago FDA
LCDR Michael Hodnett USCIS
CDR George Chow USCIS
508 Compliance Group Lead CDR David Wright CMS
508 Compliance Group Members CAPT Sherri Bisci CMS
LCDR Leticia Manning HRSA
LT Erika LeSeane CDC
Calendar Group Members LCDR Tonya Johnican DHS
LCDR Alexander Amankwah OS
Video Team
Role Name Agency
Lead LT John-Martin Jackson FDA
IT Chartered Advisory Committee – HSPAC Lead
Role Name Agency
ICAC Lead CDR Carla Burch FDA
Listserv Team
Role Name Agency
Administrators CDR Gabriela Ramirez-Leon HHS
CDR Kimberley Ricketts HHS


HSPAC Subcommittee Liaisons
Subcommittee Name Email
Analytics SC LCDR Christopher Hooban
Awards SC CDR Gabriela Ramirez-Leon
Career Development SC LCDR Ryan Marie Smith
Community Wellness SC LCDR Jennifer Weekes
Events SC LCDR Michael Muni
Membership SC LCDR Eileen Bosso
Mentoring SC CDR Corey Palmer
Policy & Procedure SC LCDR Michael Muni
Readiness SC LCDR Thomas Maruna
Recruitment and Retention SC LCDR Arin Freeman
PAG Communications Liaisons
PAG Name Email
BASPAG CDR Hillary Hoffman
DHPAG LCDR Marie-Elena Puleo
HITPAG CDR Francis Bertulfo
MLSPAG CDR June Germain
OPAG LCDR Jill Thompson
PAPAG CAPT Scott Klimp
PHPAG CDR Kimberly Ricketts
PSYPAG LT Gina Masessa
SWPAG LCDR Lorener Brayboy
LCDR Mark Durham

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