Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Health Services Officer Professional Advisory Committee

2020 HSPAC Membership Subcommittee - Active Participant Database (APD)

Subcommittee Charge

  • To optimize membership and productivity of the HSPAC, the APD Team has been charged with developing a database that will streamline the process of integrating Officers into assignments on the PAC by developing, updating and sharing a vacancy list
  • The APD will also be used to produce Certificates of Appreciation (COA) in collaboration with the COA Program Team for active participation on the HSPAC

Submit Position Updates

HSPAC Subcommittee’s should submit a request to update the Active Participant Database and Webpage by sending position information to the HSPAC Membership Subcommittee Mailbox:

HSPAC Volunteer Position Vacancy Report

Subcommittee Workgroup Position Name Number of Vacancies POC
Awards Communications Team Team Member 1 CAPT Jyl Martin
De-Identification Team Team Member 5 CAPT Jyl Martin
Leadership Team IT Lead 1 CAPT Jyl Martin
PAC Award Team Team Member 1 CAPT Jyl Martin
SOP Team Team Member 1 CAPT Jyl Martin
Communications Executive Division HSOs in Action Senior Advisor
Facebook Team Co-Lead 2 CDR Elizabeth Garza
Facebook Members: Health Promotion Track Co-Lead 1
HSOs in Action Senior Advisor 1
Video Team Members 1
Web Team Team Members 1 CDR Elizabeth Garza
Senior Advisor 1
Community Wellness Communications HSPAC Communications Liaison 1 CommunityWellness
Measurement and Evaluation Team Member 2 CommunityWellness
Outreach and Marketing Event Leads 1 CommunityWellness
Policy Team Member 1 CommunityWellness
Events Category Day Co-Lead 1 Events
Volunteers 10 Events
Holiday Luncheon Co-Lead 1 Events
Lead 10 Events
Leadership Subcommittee Secretary 1 Events
Merchandising Volunteers 2 Events
Membership Active Participant Database Team Co-Lead 1 Membership
Policy Lead 1 Membership
Mentoring Evaluation Team Member 2 Mentoring
Policy Communications Team Team Member 2 Policy
Policy Management Team Team Member 1 Policy
Training & Outreach Team Team Member 2 Policy
Readiness Advanced Readiness Evaluator 1 Readiness
Newsletter Team Uniform Communications Team 3 Readiness
Policy and Procedures Policy Reviewer 2 Readiness
Website Team Website Update Coordinator 1 Readiness
Recruitment & Retention Agency Liaisons ACF LNO 1 RecruitmentRetention
CMS LNO 1 RecruitmentRetention
Candidate Application Tracking Team Member 9 RecruitmentRetention
Data Analytics Team Member 1 RecruitmentRetention
Database/Communications Team Member 2 RecruitmentRetention
OBC Support Team Member 2 RecruitmentRetention
PAG Liaisons BASPAG LNO 1 RecruitmentRetention
Policy Co-Lead 1 RecruitmentRetention
Team Member 1 RecruitmentRetention

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