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Health Services Officer Professional Advisory Committee

Nomination Process for the HSPAC Membership

Nomination Process for the HSPAC Membership


The Health Services Professional Advisory Committee (HSPAC) is seeking new voting members for a three (3) year term, beginning January 1, 2024.

With approximately 1,100 Health Services Officers, the Health Services Category is one of the largest categories in the Commissioned Corps. The HSPAC serves as the Professional Advisory Committee for the HS Category and advises the Health Services Chief Professional Officer (CPO), who in turn advises the Surgeon General on issues related to the Category, including discipline specific issues related to the nine Professional Advisory Groups (PAGs) and individual Health Services Officers.

As outlined in the HSPAC Bylaws, the HSPAC has twenty Voting Members, with each serving a three-year term. To maximize leadership opportunities, ensure continued creativity and innovation, and consistency of operations from year to year, approximately a third of HSPAC Voting Member positions become available each operational year. If selected as a Voting Member, you will be expected to serve as not only a leader of the HSPAC, but you will be required to Chair or Co-Chair an HSPAC Subcommittee. Given the critical role the HSPAC serves in advising the Surgeon General, the HSPAC must ensure those selected to serve as HSPAC Voting Members are among the most qualified and have demonstrated leadership and commitment to the Commissioned Corps and the Health Services Category.

Nomination Package

Given the important role of the HSPAC, the limited number of available slots, and the high quantity of applications received each year, becoming an HSPAC Voting Member is a highly competitive process. To ensure HSOs selected to serve as the leaders of the HSPAC are among the most qualified, the Voting Members are solicited and may apply through submission of an application package, which is outlined below.  Application packages are reviewed and evaluated by all HSPAC Voting Members using an objective review process.   

The HSPAC Voting Member Application Package that must be include:

  1. Signed Self-Nomination Form (enclosed in application package)
  2. Application Narrative (see narrative questions in application package)
  3. Screen shot of Basic Readiness page from RedDOG self-service system
  4. Updated curriculum vitae (CV) +CV cover page that follows the most current HSPAC CV Format

The nomination packet must be submitted as a SINGLE (1), combined PDF file.  An incomplete package will NOT be considered for review.


Per the HSPAC Bylaws, applicants are not allowed to seek dual voting membership roles within the HSPAC and their respective PAG. As such, should applicants be selected to serve as a HSPAC Voting Member, they are not allowed to apply for a Voting Member role within their respective PAG.

Application Submission

All packages must be submitted by COB Monday, May 15, 2023 to The full nomination package is available here.

For additional questions please contact the Chair, LCDR Danielle Baquero or Co-Chair, CDR Erica Ruchard of the Membership Subcommittee at

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