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Health Services Administrator (O-6)

Closes 5/19/2017

Position Description


This position is located within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), ICE Health Service Corps (IHSC), Office of the Deputy Assistant Director of Administration, Health Operations Unit. The incumbent will report directly to the Regional Health Services Administrator (RHSA). The incumbent serves as the Health Services Administrator (HSA) for one of the healthcare facilities located across the nation for the ICE Health Service Corps (IHSC). These sites provide medical care to detainees in Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) custody.

IHSC has a multi-sector, multidisciplinary workforce of more than 1100 employees, including U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) commissioned officers, federal civil servants, and contract staff. IHSC provides on-site direct patient care to ICE detainees at 22 detention facilities throughout the country and manages the provision of off-site medical care for detainees housed in approximately 250 additional facilities, with a combined population of 34,000 detainees on a daily basis, with an average length of stay of about 30 days, and over 400,000 detainees transitioning through these facilities annually. IHSC also provides medical support during ICE enforcement operations in the air, on the ground and at sea.


IHSC’s mission is to manage and provide medical care to maintain the health of individuals in the custody of ICE through an integrated health care delivery system, based on nationally recognized correctional and detention health care standards. The Agency is committed to providing healthcare services to protect the nation’s health, reduce global disease and support the safe apprehension, enforcement and removal of detained individuals involved in immigration proceedings.


1. If the incumbent holds a clinical license, it is the responsibility of the incumbent to fulfill the obligation(s) of their licensing or certifying body to maintain current status. This position may be required to perform clinical activities with the scope of clinical license in times of critical needs within the agency.

2. Maintains clinical professional skills via continuing education opportunities and aid in support via TDY as needed.

3. Obtain level II Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Certification within 12 months of hire.

4. Maintains basic readiness status.

5. Maintains current CPR/BLS certification.

6. Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills.

7. Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills.

8. Integrity/Honesty.

9. Leadership skills and values.

10. Cultural Competency.


1. Technical monitor of vendor personnel at the facility.

2. Keeping the COR fully informed of any technical or contractual difficulties encountered during vendor performance.

3. Coordinating site visit for vendor personnel, if applicable.

4. Ensuring that Government furnished property and supplies (to include medical equipment and associated medical and administrative supplies)

5. Ensuring that all required items, documentation, data, and/or reports are submitted as required by the expected time frame.

6. Reviewing all invoices and vouchers in a timely manner in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act.

7. Reviewing that translation services are being utilized and documented within the medical record.

8. Provides training and mentoring of the site Assistant Health Services Administrator (AHSA).

9. Provides administrative supervision to government employees and manages personnel issues, and potential resolutions when applicable.

10. Collaborates with the RHSA and Chief of Health Operations regarding complex personnel and operational issues, providing potential resolutions.

11. Collaborates with the on-site Clinical Director and Regional Clinical Director (RCD) to ensure access to care and provision of health care services are within the scope and support of ICE/IHSC policy and accreditation standards.

12. Reviewing and approves the health care unit staffing schedule and approves schedules to ensure staffing shifts are filled and support the mission.

13. Prepares fiscal year budget proposals and projections as well as ensures the appropriate management of the unit budget.

14. Manages the local government purchase program (IMPAC) or delegates this to designees ensuring that proper level of medical equipment and supplies is on site to provide proper treatment.

15. Provides management reports as required, to include monthly health care unit activity reports.

16. Maintains awareness of unit operational issues.

17. Participates in scheduled HSA meetings.

18. Reviewing all employee files for ensuring compliance with the contract and that all employees receive appropriate orientation initially and annually thereafter.

19. Monitors on-site contracts including but not limited to; bio-medical waste, tele-radiology, labs, etc. and ensuring services rendered are consistent with the contract.

20. Collaborates with the headquarters contracting officer to ensure compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) policy for purchasing and procurement, and appropriate implementations of all contracts.

21. Reviewing documentation for laboratory, radiology, and pharmaceutical services rendered is accurate.

22. Performing assessments of the health unit for accreditation under the appropriate standards and ensures the preparation of the health unit for any accreditation that the site is expected to obtain.

23. Monitors incidents, sentinel events and potential litigation situations, providing documentation of corrective actions accordingly.

24. Ensures the maintenance of the on-site personnel, employee health, credentialing and privileging files per IHSC policy.

25. Ensures that appropriate program activities are established and monitored as needed, including Infection Control Officer, Safety Officer and Performance Improvement Coordinator.

26. Monitoring compliance of all required elements within IHSC policy and accreditation.

27. Reviewing all staff training for completeness and documented in accordance with accreditation standards.

28. Monitors and participates in unit meetings, including performance improvement, staff meetings, and others.

29. Informs ICE officials of detainee or residential issues and assists with investigations and problem resolution as indicated.

30. Maintains a working relationship with the Field Officer Director (FOD), Assistant Field Office Director (AFOD), Warden, correctional personnel, contract providers, and outside agencies as applicable.

31. Develops staffing plans to ensure effective quality care provision.

32. Makes decisions independently.

33. Follows supervisory chain of command.

34. Other duties as assigned.


1. Requires physical exertion such as lifting objects greater than 30 pounds.

2. Required to perform CPR/emergency care standing or kneeling.

3. Must have the ability to assist sick, injured or aging detainees or staff exiting the building (may require lifting, dragging, wheeling or carrying someone who weighs significantly more than self).

4. The work may necessitate some physical characteristics that will be required when responding to an emergency situation, such as running short distance, prolonged standing and working in an austere environment

5. Must perform the duties of my job in a stressful and often austere environment without physical limitations.


1. DHS

2. ICE

3. ERO





The HSA works under the general supervision of the Regional Health Services Administrator within their AOR.



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