Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Therapist Professional Advisory Committee

Information Management Committee

The Mission of the Information Management Committee (IMC) is to serve the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) and commissioned officers of the Therapist Category by:

  • Storing, analyzing and delivering relevant information in a clear and usable manner.
  • Collecting relevant data necessary to express the professional needs and capabilities to Commissioned Corp Headquarters.
  • Increasing USPHS visibility in the communities in which we serve.
  • Generate positive and productive relationships with sister PACs to meet local and national priorities.

Chair: LCDR Courtney Wood

Deputy Chair: CDR Carlos Estevez

Representatives and Subcommittees of the IMC include:

Agency Information Subcommittee

Chair: Field Representative Coordinator, LCDR Christopher Wharton

The Agency Information Subcommittee Chair is responsible for working with the Subcommittee, the TPAC Secretary, and the Field Representatives to maintain a roster of Commissioned Officers and Civil Service Therapists.

A complete and accurate TPAC roster is essential to many of the TPAC functions and committees. All officers are strongly encouraged to review the information in the roster to verify the information is complete and correct for themselves and their civilian therapist colleagues. Questions, comments, or a request for a copy of the roster should be directed to the Field Rep Coordinator for your agency.

Field Representatives
OPDIV/Region Representative                                                  E-mail
BOP LT Whitney Huryta
IHS / NorthWest LCDR Ulysses Singleton III
IHS / West LCDR Melissa Schossow
IHS Multi-site LCDR Karina Gushue
Multi-agency LT Gernise Dixon

Category Historian

LCDR Kevin Healy

The TPAC Historian is responsible for obtaining interviews, photographs, and printed material that is of historical value to the therapist category, including it in the category archives, and for periodically generating reports for the TPAC summarizing noteworthy accomplishments. Additionally, the TPAC Historian collects copies of lectures, public presentations, journal publications or research activities as authored by the TPAC membership and U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Officers. The TPAC Historian contacts the other PHS-Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) Historians or PAC Chairs to collect and secure information that is of historical value to the Therapist Category. This information in turn will be added to the Therapy Category archives.

Information on the history of the Therapist Category is available in the Role and Contributions of Public Health Service Therapist Officers developed in the early 1990's.  

Information on the history of the US Public Health Service is available at several external websites, including websites of the Commissioned Corps and the National Library of Medicine.

Send information, articles, and pictures of noteworthy accomplishments to LCDR Kevin Healy by e-mail at

Junior Officer Advisory Group Representative

LCDR Joshua Caulder (

The mission of the Junior Officer Advisory Group (JOAG) is to provide advice and consultation to the Surgeon General, Chief Professional Officers, Professional Advisory Committees, and other Commissioned Corps groups on issues relating to professional practice and personnel activities affecting Junior Officers in the USPHS Commissioned Corps. More information about JOAG may be found in their brochure [PDF - KB] and on their website at

The JOAG Representative serves as communication link and informational resource for TPAC and Therapy Category members regarding the activities of the JOAG.

Corps Representative

Commissioned Officers Association Board Representative: CDR Katie Jacques (

The mission of the Commissioned Officers Association (COA) of the U.S. Public Health Service is to improve and protect the public health of the United States by advocating for the Commissioned Corps and its officers. Additional information is available on the COA website.

The COA Board Representative serves as communication link and informational resource for TPAC and Therapist Category members regarding the activities of the COA.

Information Technology Subcomittee

Chair: LCDR Melina Upton

Deputy Chair: LT Douglas Cordel

Virtual Platform Coordinator LCDR Krista Watson

The Virtual Platform Coordinator, or their delegated co-host members of the IT Subcommittee who have passed their host competencies, will manage Cisco Webex (or other similar applications) during the TPAC bi-monthly meetings, annual COF symposium, and other category-led presentations or meetings (e.g continuing education presentations). Ensures meetings are available for virtual participation, recorded and posted for review on the appropriate TPAC web-based resource (e.g APAN site). The Virtual Platform Coordinator, in conjunction with assistance from the IMC at large, routinely explores new technology options to support the ongoing transmission, recording and sharing of category generated material. The Virtual Platform Coordinator, in conjunction with assistance from the IMC at large, oversees the Virtual Recording Team, which assists with meeting the position’s mission and vision. The team can include 1-4 officers.

Webpage Coordinator: CDR Carlos Estevez

The Webpage Coordinator updates and keeps current information in individual sections of the TPAC/CCMIS Webpage.
The Webpage Coordinator is responsible for updating the content of the TPAC webpage when requests are made. When updates deal with material that is not routine, the Webpage Coordinator will receive guidance from the IMC Chair. The Webpage Coordinator will become knowledgeable in HTML formation and the Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology referred to as “Section 508”.

Feedback is critical to making this website a useful communication and professional development tool for the category. Visitors to the site are encouraged to send questions, comments, and feedback about the site to CDR Carlos Estevez at

APAN (All Partners Access Network) Coordinator: LCDR Krista Watson (

The APAN Coordinator will oversee, maintain, and update the APAN website. This includes overseeing access to the site among TPAC members and ensuring compliance with APAN utilization guidelines are maintained. The APAN Coordinator will develop training modules to educate members of the Category on access and navigation of the APAN system.

Please visit the TPAC APAN page at:

If you have difficulty logging in or creating an account, please contact LCDR Krista Watson

Lead Informatics Officer: LT April Graham

The Lead Therapist Informatics Officer (LTIO) provides ongoing metrics, statistical updates, tracks progress, and analyzes trends on such topics including workload, trouble shooting requests, technical assistance requests, host meeting requests, and noteworthy online survey result reporting

Media Subcommittee:

Chair: LCDR Ana Sandee (

The Media Subcommittee contacts other PHS-Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) Media Chairs to coordinate efforts and share appropriate information through various media channels including CCMIS, All Partners Access Network (APAN) and social media. The Subcommittee posts topics on Facebook relevant to Therapist disciplines, Surgeon General initiatives, Junior Officer of the Month  COA Frontline publication highlights and endeavors officers are partaking in in the field.  The Media Subcommittee will keep track of metrics and insight (found in Facebook insights: Number of likes, follows, outreach and posts).

Publications Coordinator: LT Maria Doran (

The Publications Coordinator review articles for publications, assist with editing as needed to review and coordinate article submissions (i.e., Frontline, JOAG, etc. and ensure the guidelines are being followed). The Publications Coordinator represents the therapist category for the bi-annual combined category newsletter by soliciting articles and editing as needed.

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