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Welcome to and thank you for visiting the official website of the Smoking and Tobacco Use Advisory Committee (STUAC), formerly Nicotine Cessation Services Access Workgroup (NCSAW) and Smoking and Tobacco Use Cessation Committee (STUCC).  Whether you are here to learn more about tobacco prevention or treatment, locate resources, get involved, or need to connect with STUAC leadership, please take the time to explore our various pages and links to learn more about us!

Our Mission:

The Smoking and Tobacco Use Advisory Committee (STUAC) is dedicated to advising the Office of the Surgeon General on vital smoking and tobacco-related matters and to encourage progress in tobacco cessation, prevention, research, and education.

Our Purpose:

Leveraging the expertise of the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps officers, we guide the implementation of evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions to best serve communities, health systems, and individuals throughout the United States. Recognized as an extension of the OSG, we amplify efforts to foster healthier lifestyles, providing cessation resources and driving a tobacco-free future.

Our Goals:

STUAC's multidisciplinary collective of USPHS officers aim to facilitate communication, coordinate engagement, build capacity, disseminate resources, and promote awareness regarding smoking and tobacco-related matters. Following the most updated guidelines, training, and resources, we strive to create impactful change while advocating for evidence-based tobacco cessation and prevention services. As a smoking and tobacco cessation champion, we work to empower individuals, support servicemembers, and cultivate a tobacco-free culture driven by our unwavering commitment to public health excellence.


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