Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Smoking Cessation

STUAC is a multidisciplinary team collective of PHS officers possessing subject matter expertise in tobacco cessation services, nicotine and tobacco research, smoking and tobacco product use education, health analytics, health informatics, and comparative effectiveness research. STUAC serves as a resource and an advisor to the OSG on matters regarding the dissemination, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives related to the Surgeon General’s (SG’s) reports or priorities involving smoking or tobacco use. Additionally, STUAC is recognized as an extension of OSG as force multipliers within the community for all smoking, nicotine, and tobacco-related initiatives developed by the SG.  STUAC through its respective Subcommittees, serves as a resource and advisor to the OSG in supporting the public health mission.

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Name/Email Role
CAPT David Lau Senior Advisor
CAPT Megan Wohr Senior Advisor
CAPT Jing Li Chair
CDR Gayle Tuckett Chair-Elect
CAPT Michael Verdugo Executive Subject Matter Expert
LCDR Kristin Allmaras Executive Secretary
LCDR Sarah Hillestad Assistant Executive Secretary
TBD Administration Lead
TBD Administration Co-Lead
LCDR Stacey Nelson Communications Lead
CDR Linzi Allen Communications Co-Lead
CDR Niki Haney Documentation and Informatics Lead
LT Falisha Begay Documentation and Informatics Co-Lead
LCDR Minh Doan Information Technology Lead (acting)
CDR Apollo Wang Information Technology Co-Lead (acting)
CAPT Amit Patel Metrics and Outcomes Lead
LCDR Monica Orsborn Metrics and Outcomes Co-Lead
LCDR Jennifer Weekes PACE Liaison/Prevention Resources Lead
CDR Ashley Burns PACE Liaison/Prevention Resources Co-Lead
LCDR Elise Ngameni Prevention Resources Co-Lead
CAPT Misti Houck Provider Resources Lead
CDR Tana Triepke Provider Resources Co-Lead
CDR Christine Corser Training Resources Lead
CDR David Foss Training Resources Co-Lead
Ms. Alberta Beceni IHS/Tribal Liaison

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