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The JOAG Readiness and Deployment Committee, Officer Health and Fitness Promotion Team, is dedicated to providing junior officers with tips and opportunities to maintain and improve physical fitness. Please check out our fitness tips and U.S. Fitness Events Log, that will be updated and posted quarterly, for some fitness opportunities, helpful information and ideas!

Get Fit-Stay Fit!!!

Federal Employee Wellness Facility Log

Federal Employee Wellness Facility Log (Excel)

The JOAG Officer Health and Fitness Promotion (OHFP) Team is in the beginning stages of developing a Federal Employee Wellness Facility Log. This log will not only serve as a resource for PHS officers to be better informed of fitness facilities and amenities available at duty stations nationwide, but it will also increase awareness of Annual Physical Fitness Test (APFT) compatible fitness facilities.

As of April 2016, the OHFP Team has gathered relevant data from over 40 fitness facilities in 19 government agencies located in 13 states. This compiled data is represented in the Federal Employee Wellness Facility Log Excel document. Any questions regarding this project can be directed to the OHFP Team Project Leads LCDR Ashlee Janusziewicz and LCDR Lysette DeshieldsIf you know of a federal facility near your duty station or any PHS duty station that you do not see represented on this log, please contact LCDRs Janusziewicz and Deshields so they can be added.

United States Fitness Events Log

The United States Fitness Events Log is a tool that lists fitness events that officers can participate in across the United States in a location near them.  The United States Regional Fitness Events Log is organized in alphabetical order by state, contains information such as event date, location, type of event and contains hyperlinks to the webpage for each event listed.  Various types of fitness events are included on the log such as marathons, fun runs, biking, and walking events.  The goal of this United States Fitness Event Log is to provide an encompassing list of wellness and fitness-related events so that all officers can find an event suitable and convenient to participate in across various locations in the country.   

If you choose to register for a regional fitness event, consider participating with other interested officers and forming a PHS Athletics Team in support of the Office of the Surgeon General PHS Athletics Program!  For more information on this initiative, go to the Public Health Service Athletics webpage.  **Please note, this log identifies events that are already PHS Athletics Team events and their respective officer contacts in the ‘Miscellaneous Event Information’ column.  Please reach out to those contacts if interested in participating in the event and joining the team!  Alternatively, officers can view a list of PHS Athletics Team events on the PHS Athletics Program website, under the ‘Calendar’ tab.

***NEW** We would love to know if you are participating in an event on this log and/or form a PHS Athletics Team for an event on this log!   An officer who completes a fitness event listed on our log is eligible for a Letter of Appreciation (LOA) from the Junior Officer Advisory Group (JOAG) Readiness and Deployment Workgroup, Officer Health and Fitness Promotion Team. Once a fitness event listed on our log is completed, the participating officer should notify LCDR Rana Carroll ( of his/her participation. Additionally, so a LOA can be awarded, we kindly ask officers to also submit evidence (e.g., pictures, race numbers, race results on a website) of event completion. For questions or concerns regarding receiving this JOAG LOA, please contact LT Jona Johnson ( 

Questions with regard to creating a PHS Athletics Event out of an event listed on the log may be directed to

Questions with regard to the United States Fitness Events Log may be directed to LCDR Rana Carroll (

United States Regional Fitness Events (2018 - Quarter 1)

USPHS Commissioned Corps Smoking Cessation

USPHS Commissioned Corps Smoking Cessation website:

Step It Up! The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities

Step It Up! Surgeon General's Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities

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