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Dental Professional Advisory Committee

Dental Mentor Program

The DePAC has established a category specific Mentoring Program. Are you relatively new to the Commissioned Corps and unfamiliar with its customs and history? Have you been in the Commissioned Corps less than eight years? Do you have questions about other agencies, or career options? Could you benefit from the advice of one who may have faced the same types of issues or problems that you are now facing?

Volunteer as a Protégé (click for more information)

As a Protégé you will have the opportunity to draw from the experience of an officer with a similar background from within your agency. You can learn the essentials of uniform issues, military courtesy and personnel issues as a new officer. For officers having cleared probation and having learned the primary job, Mentor/Protégé matches that investigate other agencies or career opportunities will be possible.

Are you a senior-ranking commissioned officer in the grade of O-5, O-6 or above? Are you a junior officer in the grade of O-4 with a variety of career experiences who is interested in helping other junior officer's career development?  Have you been in the Corps for eight or more years with a variety of interesting career experiences? Has your career been helped by advice from a more experienced officer? Would you like to answer questions asked by younger officers but you weren't quite sure where to find the answer?

Participate as a Mentor (click for more information)

As a Mentor you will have an opportunity to pass on your positive experiences from the past. You will have access to resources to help you answer those difficult questions that you may have been asked by those seeking your guidance.

Whether newly commissioned or considering retirement, this Mentoring Program will give officers the opportunity to grow personally and to help strengthen the Commissioned Corps in future years.

For further information contact :

LCDR Cam-Van Huynh
Chair, DePAC Mentoring & Retention Workgroup


CDR Laura Hain
Co-Chair, DePAC Mentoring & Retention Workgroup
Office: (541) 756-9621 

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