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According to the bylaws of the Dental Professional Advisory Committee (DePAC), the mission of the Readiness and Deployment Workgroup (RDW) is to serve as an advocate for officers of the dental category on policy issues concerning readiness status and deployments. To this end, and under the supervision of DePAC’s Operations Committee Chair, the RDW develops strategies to facilitate the achievement of readiness status by all dental officers, advocates for deployment accessibility for all qualified dental officers, conducts inquiries concerning readiness deficiencies in the Dental Corps and develops systems to publicize deployment and readiness training opportunities for dental officers. Additionally, members of the RDW serve as liaisons between the dental category and pertinent agencies on matters of deployment.

The Chair or Co-Chair of the RDW represents the dental category at monthly cross category readiness and deployment workgroup meetings. Based on reports provided by the Office of the Surgeon General’s Readiness Coordinator the Chair analyzes trends in readiness, develops initiatives to enhance readiness among dental officers and directs the activities of the RDW.

The RDW exists in large part to serve as subject matter experts for members of the dental professional category. For questions about readiness or deployment please see the current Readiness Down to the Basics or visit the website of the Readiness and Deployment Branch.

  • CCI 382.03 Involuntary Termination of Commission
  • CCI 341.01 Probationary Period
  • POM 821.76 Deployment Procedures
  • CCD 123.01 Involuntary Separation
  • CCD 121.02 Deployment and Readiness
  • CCI 241.01 Readiness and Duty Requirements
  • CCI 332.01 Temporary Promotions
  • POM 821.75 Readiness Compliance
  • CCD 111.02 Disciplinary Actions
  • CCI 241.01 Retention Weight Standards

This list may not be inclusive; it is the responsibility of every officer to review policies on the Commissioned Corps website 

Readiness Down to the Basics - 

Commissioned Corps Learning Management System - 

Corps Care was established to meet the behavioral health, medical, and spiritual needs of all Commissioned Corps officers. Corps Care exisits to support officers throughout their deployment experiences and careers. 

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