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Welcome to the Commissioned Corps Health Services Mentoring Program. The Official HS Mentoring Program is a means for officers serving as mentors to help other officers develop and advance in their careers. Through continued involvement, the mentor offers support, guidance, and assistance as the mentee faces new professional challenges, experiences challenges, and/or works to resolve conflicts. The HS Mentoring Program is a one-year program. Officers sign up as mentors and/or mentees using the process described below. Matches are made by HS Mentoring Subcommittee based on criteria and factors selected by mentees. If you are sincerely interested in supporting a fellow officer by being a mentor (O-5 and above), or if you would like to seek a mentor, the HS Mentoring Program is for you.

Register for the Mentoring Listserv to receive announcements and information 
specific to mentoring topics applicable to both mentors and mentees.
    To JOIN, LEAVE or UPDATE your subscription to the HS-L List:
      To JOIN:  Send an email to the LISTSERV@LIST.NIH.GOV containing the text:
          SUBSCRIBE HS-MENTORING in the body of the message.
      To LEAVE:  Send an email to LISTSERV@LIST.NIH.GOV containing the text:
          UNSUBSCRIBE HS-MENTORING in the body of the message.
      To UPDATE your subscription: Visit

The Official HS Mentoring Program has recently transitioned to a new manual format to match mentors and mentees.  The online database and registration process has been terminated so officers will need to register using the instructions detailed below.  Please note, there is no longer a login link for the program as there is no database.


EXISTING PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS: Officers already registered in the mentoring program as a mentor or mentee (or both) have already been transferred into the manual tracking system. They do not need to register again, and no further action is necessary.  Only officers new to the mentoring program will need to complete the new registration form.

NEWLY INTERESTED PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS: To register to be an official mentor or mentee in the program please complete and submit the attached Official HS Mentoring Program Registration Form per the instructions on the form.  Your form will be submitted to CDR Jemekia Thornton and CDR Valerie Jimenez (the Mentoring Subcommittee Matching Team Leads) for input into the Official HS Mentoring Program for matching with a respective mentor or mentee.


To request an update or change to an official mentor or mentee in the program.  Please send an email request to the HS PAC Mentoring Team Lead CDR Thornton at and copy the HS PAC Mentoring Subcommittee via


Please allow at least 45 days from your registration submission to get matched with a mentor.  Officers will receive notification and an introductory letter by email when a match has been made.  The letter will consist of the contact information of the officer you have been officially matched with as well as additional instructions on the mentoring process.   Once you receive your official match letter you can upload it into your eOPF under the Certificates of Appreciation section.

Frequently asked questions related to this new process will be included on this page at a later date.

Certificates of Participation in the Official HS Mentoring Program

The HSPAC Mentoring Subcommittee will be issuing annual certificates of participation in December. Since the previous database system has been deactivated, certificates will be sent directly to officers for them to upload to their eOPF.

All attempts will be made to match officers based on geographic proximity, but this is not always possible. The major matching criterion will be area of professional interest and discipline. Information about the HSPAC Mentoring Program is included in the welcome letter and introductory e-mail to new matches. New applicants to the HSPAC Mentoring Program are matched on a monthly basis.

Program evaluation is critical to the improvement of the Mentoring Program. Please visit the Mentoring Training Resources webpage for the Mentoring Program evaluations forms. The program evaluation forms should be completed by mentors and mentees within six months of the initial mentor-mentee match and at the one-year mark.

Please don't hesitate to contact the chair of the Mentoring Subcommittee if you have any questions about the Mentoring Program.

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