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Welcome to the JOAG Resource Page!

This page holds a collection of JOAG developed information and documents for current and future Junior Officers. Resources on this page are for reference and individual consideration as junior officers navigate their career in the Commissioned Corps.

If you have a resource that you feel should be listed on this page please, contact the Chair of the JOAG Communications and Publications Committee.

About JOAG Presentation:  “How to Get the Most Out of JOAG” - This presentation provides a quick introduction of JOAG to junior and senior officers. It defines the mission and strategic goals of JOAG and summarizes its committees. View the JOAG Presentation to learn how JOAG can help turbocharge your career, how you can make a difference, and how you can get involved!

JOAG Brochure: The JOAG Brochure is a one page, double sided document meant to quickly highlight the Junior Officer Advisory Group. Like the JOAG Presentation, this document can be passed out during events where members want to highlight the JOAG.

JOAG New Officer Guide: This document prepared by the JOAG Welcoming Committee is intended to provide a brief, but comprehensive, overview of select aspects of the United States Public Health Service. Within this document officers will find information ranging from the organization of the Corps in relation to the Department of Health and Human Services to the nuances of requesting and processing leave. In addition, numerous links are contained in this document to get officers directly to source information or to other relevant websites (e.g. PAC and uniform-related websites).

JOAG Training Resources: This document was created by the Training and Education Subcommittee as a guide for resources of general interest to support the training and professional development of the early careers of junior officers.

Deployment Narratives: Deployment Narratives is a resource for fellow officers to share their stories of unique deployments, what skills/training they found most useful, and any lessons learned.

JOAG's Officer's Code of Conduct: These statements epitomize the ideals for which all officers should strive. Excerpts of the JOAG Officer's Code of Conduct can also be found in the back of the JOAG Medallion.

JOAG Proper Uniform Wear Presentation (Updated May 2019): This presentation was created to give a brief overview of required uniforms, special occasions for wear, regulations, and commonly asked questions.

Family Resource Guide (FRG): This document was created to make USPHS/non-USPHS resources and information more widely available to officers and their families regarding deployment, permanent change of station, bereavement, and retirement.

Junior Officer Career Enhancement Booth (JOCEB) Promotion Checklist: This promotion checklist helps junior officers prepare for their promotion. It helps ensure officers capture key information for their promotion package.

MWR Resource Guide: This document is an essential resource to promote and enhance morale, welfare, and recreation (MWR) for PHS officers and their families.

PHS Core Values: Leadership, Service, Integrity, and Excellence, the Core Values of the U.S. Public Health Service. PHS Core Values Coin

USPHS March: The audio file/.mp3 of the United Public Health Service march. This audio is music and not associated with any speech or voice.

JOAG Senior Officer Flyer:  “Why a Senior Officer or Civilian Supervisor Should Care About JOAG”  This tri-fold pamphlet is geared toward senior officers or civilian supervisors to help them understand the value that JOAG can bring to junior officers they supervise. Junior officers interested in active participation in JOAG are encouraged to share this pamphlet with their supervisors as an introduction to JOAG.

The JOAG Professional Development Group ‘Bookshelf’ on Goodreads is currently active and open to the public! This is intended to be a professional development tool for U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Officers, maintained by the JOAG Professional Development Committee. Joining the group is simple, just navigate to the JOAG Professional Development Group on Goodreads, sign-up and read! Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. In contrast to a traditional static reading list, Goodreads allows for members to add and review books, as well as facilitate discussions all within the context of their special interests.

JOAG Space A Travel Tips for USPHS Officers: This fact-sheet shares tips to help you make the most of the Space-A travel program to fly free or at a reduced cost across the country or world. 
JOAG Aides-de-Camp Guide: This document provides guidelines, customs and courtesies to help officers assigned to assist/aide a flag rank officer in full-time or temporary duty capacity.

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