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Dietitian Professional Advisory Committee




The Mission of the Dietitian Professional Advisory Committee (Diet-PAC) Mentoring and Membership Subcommittee is:

  • Dietitian officers provide career and professional development guidance to other officers through a collaborative mentor/mentee partnership.
  • Facilitate the annual selection of Diet-PAC Voting Members through the nomination and appointment process.


A Welcome Letter is sent to all new mentees.

Purpose of Mentoring

  • Provide Mentee with timely, factual, and relevant information to encourage and support their professional growth as a Registered Dietitian in the PHS
  • Instill in officers the importance of the PHS mission, officer responsibilities, and traditions of the Commissioned Corps
  • Provide sound advice and counsel to officers throughout their careers, balancing category-specific and Operating Division-specific needs and priorities
  • Promote career progression throughout the various employing PHS Operating Divisions

Role of the Mentor

A Mentor is an experienced and trusted individual who serves in a number of capacities: teacher, guide, counselor, motivator, sponsor, coach, advisor, referral agent, role model, and door opener. The Mentor must be flexible to serve in the various capacities the Mentee has need of.

Role of the Mentee

A Mentee is a committed and motivated individual who is willing to work and take responsibility for their career development and professional growth. A Mentee must be honest, open, and receptive to the guidance their Mentor has to offer.

Please contact the current Mentoring and Membership Subcommittee Chair or the PAC Chair to be matched with a mentor!

    Mentoring Subcommittee Chair

    CDR Sandra Magera

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