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Becoming An Ensemble Member

Members of the PHS Music Ensemble are volunteer musicians that devote time and dedication to provide the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps esprit de corps and exemplary officership through the powerful gift of music.

Unlike the sister uniformed services where appointment to the musician corps is the principal duty assignment, members of the PHS Music Ensemble participate in the Music Ensemble in addition to their regularly assigned duties.

Membership in the PHS Music Ensemble calls for particular dedication to the USPHS Commissioned Corps, which results in a highly rewarding experience to those who accept the challenge.

Basic Membership Requirements

  • USPHS Commissioned Corps officer (active duty or retired)
  • Basic Level of Readiness status

If you are interested on receiving more information on becoming an esteemed member of one of the music ensemble groups please approach an Ensemble leader, member, or email us at We will be glad to explain the expectations and requirements of membership in more detail.

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