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Junior Officer Advisory Group (JOAG) Liaison

Junior Officers Advisory Group (JOAG) is a  dynamic group of officers at the rank of LCDR/O4 and below who seek to enhance their professional experience by participating in group activities involving officers in all categories that further JOAG's mission of assisting the Surgeon General in the assessment of junior officers' recruitment and training needs and promoting these officers' professional development.

While there is no JOAG subcommittee within the PPAC, JOAG itself has numerous committees providing ample opportunity for nearly every junior (LCDR and below) USPHS Officer to interact with other Officers on various projects in an endeavor to advance the PHS CC and the health of our nation.

As of June 2015 the current Liaison from the PPAC to JOAG is:

Judith Eisenberg, MD, MS

Phone: (513) 841-4468

Fax: (513) 458-7141

Please feel free to contact LCDR Eisenberg for any further questions about JOAG.  You may also visit the JOAG website by clicking this link to JOAG.

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