Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Physician Professional Advisory Committee

PPAC Visibility & Culture Subcommittee

2015 Mission Statement

  1. Increase the visibility of the Commissioned Corps among the public, health professionals, and other uniformed services
  2. Expand opportunities for CC physicians to engage in activities both within the PHS and with partners at other federal agencies and departments
  3. Improve the morale of Corps Medical Officers
  4. Advise the CPO on these issues


2015 Broad Goals

  1. Facilitate opportunities for PHS physicians to participate in other federal medical activities, such as clinical work with DOD and the VA. Benefits include Corps physicians being able to maintain regular clinical hours and active clinical status, as well as increased opportunities for unique deployment experiences.
  2. Increase physician attendance at annual COA training meeting. Benefits include meeting other PHS officers, learning about PHS activities and possible areas of involvement, and exploring mentorship possibilities

For a complete powerpoint presentation about this SC, please click here.

SC Chair:

Rachel Bishop, MD, MPH


Chief, Consult Services Section

National Eye Institute

National Institutes of Health

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