Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Physician Professional Advisory Committee

Mental Health Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chair: CAPT Marc Safran

Vice Chair for Communications:  CDR Tangeneare Singh

Mission:  To address and to advise the Committee and the Medical Category leadership on issues related to the mental health of  U.S. Public Health Service physicians and the populations they serve.

Membership Criteria:

  • US Public Health Service physician
  • Prepared to consider sensitive, complex mental health issues
  • Able to attend monthly conference calls
  • Able to communicate between meetings
  • Professional experience, training, and/or skills relevant to Mission


Selection Process:

1)The Subcommittee is limited to ten members.  Each person interested in volunteering for an open position on the Subcommittee will be asked to share a Curriculum Vitae showing he or she meets the above criteria. 

2) Each volunteer with a CV demonstrating the above is invited to participate in an Interview with a current subcommittee member designated by the Chair.  The interview’s purpose is to discuss whether the members’ professional interests  and skills would be a good match for the subcommittee .

Current Projects – June to December 2015

Environmental Scanning of issues related to the mental health of US Public Health Service physicians and the populations they serve

Monthly Discussion of related issues

Plan Survey

The Vice Chair for Communications organizes  the subcommittee’s monthly meetings and serves as the key Point of Contact:

CDR Tangeneare Singh, MD, USPHS

Department Chief, Child Psychiatry

Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital

Ft. Belvoir, VA


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