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LCDR Duong (Tony) Nguyen

LCDR Jennifer Wiltz

Update: 2/28/17

In the latest report we received from RedDOG at the beginning of this month, our medical category was at 42.7% readiness.  BUT, if you take away all the officers that are just missing the Flu immunizations (which most likely have not been updated yet) we are up to 77%.  Readiness subcommittee members have been working with all medical officers who were projected to not be basic ready over the last few weeks and we anticipate our readiness numbers to be significantly improved at the next check. 


We were able to identify that there was a window in November when many Officers uploaded their immunizations but it did not seem to be recorded by Headquarters.  As a reminder to everyone it has generally taken 3-4 weeks for flu and other immunizations to be uploaded by the team at headquarters.  If you do not see any change, please re-upload and make sure to keep records that your submission went through.  If you have questions regarding uploads through eDOC-U please refer to the readiness checklist or contact any readiness subcommittee member, myself, or CDR Jen Foltz. 

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