Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Health Services Officer Professional Advisory Committee

2019 HSPAC Leadership

The HSPAC Leadership is comprised of the Chief Professional Officer (CPO), the HSPAC Chair and 20 Voting Members. HSPAC Voting Members represent a cross-section of the disciplines, interests, concerns and responsibilities of health service professionals in Agencies, Operating Divisions, and Programs that are staffed by U.S. Public Health Service personnel. The term of appointment for each HSPAC voting members is 3 years per term, 2 terms max. Voting Members are expected to participate in all HSPAC Leadership meetings and serve as a Chair or Co-chair of one of HSPAC Subcommittees or Ad-Hoc Workgroups during their term.

The HSPAC Leadership is also compromised of 10 Professional Advisory Groups (PAGs) Chairs. The PAG Chairs are selected by their respective PAGs and serve as the discipline-specific leaders for the HSPAC and the Commissioned Corps.

Additionally, the HSPAC has officers in other leadership roles who serve in an advisory capacity to the HSPAC Chief Professional Officer and/or the HSPAC Chair. These groups include Ad-Hoc Workgroups formed at the request of leadership, HSPAC Liaisons to outside organizations, and the Senior Officer Consortium who work directly with the CPO to encourage Senior Officer engagement.

Committee Name Email Agency
Chief Professional Officer CAPT Jeanean Willis Marsh HRSA
Chair CDR Simleen Kaur FDA
Exec Secretary LT Aaron Grober ATSDR
Exec Recorder LT Stephanie Chiang CMS


HSPAC Voting Members

Name Email VM Term Agency
CDR Catherine Beer 2nd Year VM FDA
CDR Margaret Caulk 1st Year VM FDA
CDR Karen Chaves 1st Year VM AHRQ
CDR Zanethia Eubanks 3rd Year VM FDA
CDR Elizabeth Garza 2nd Year VM CDC
CDR Neelam Ghiya 3rd Year VM CDC
CDR Malaysia Gresham Harrell 2nd Year VM USDA
CDR Martin Guardia 1st Year VM FDA
CDR David Hunter 3rd Year VM CDC
CDR Anthony Johnson 2nd Year VM DHS
CDR Kristin Kelly 2nd Year VM FDA
CDR Joel Richardson 3rd Year VM HHS
CDR Pieter Van Horn 1st Year VM ICE
CDR Cynthia White 2nd Year VM FDA
CDR Jyl Woolfolk 3rd Year VM HHS
LCDR Sara Azimi-Bolourian 2nd Year VM HRSA
LCDR Nicole Bell 1st Year VM FDA
LCDR Marquita Burnett 1st Year VM OS
LCDR Roberto Garza 2nd Year VM ACF
LCDR Elizabeth Goodger 1st Year VM HRSA


Ad-Hoc Workgroups

Workgroup Name Email Agency
Historian CDR Patricio Garcia FDA
Operation Corps Strong CAPT Marivic Fields ACF
Special Assignments CDR Zanethia Eubanks USDA
Treasurer LT Mo Halwani FDA


HSPAC Liaisons

Committee Name Email Agency
AMSUS CDR Janet Cliatt DOD
JOAG LCDR Stephanie Kenez FDA
PACE CDR Traci Mullins BOP
PACE LT Mouhamed Halwani FDA


Senior Officer Consortium (SOC) Leads

Name Email Agency
CAPT Sheila Merriweather FDA
CAPT Raquel Peat FDA

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