Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

Health Services Officer Professional Advisory Committee

2019 PAG Leadership and Contact Information

The HS Category has formed ten Professional Advisory Groups (PAGs) to address discipline-specific professional issues and advise the HS Category and the Chief Professional Officer of the Health Service Officer Category. The PAG functions in a resource and advisory capacity to assist in the development, coordination, training and evaluation of activities related to the specific discipline. Each PAG has bylaws that are approved by the Chief Professional Officer and the HS Category. Officers are encouraged to participate in their PAG. Officers are free to join any PAG, but you’re only able to serve as a voting member in your designated PAG.

PAG Leadership and Contact Information

Professional Advisory Group Role Name Email
Basic and Applied Science (BASPAG) Chair CDR Arthur Hurst
Chair-Elect LCDR Cho Chung  
Dental Hygiene (DHPAG) Chair CDR Kari Pinsonneault
Chair-Elect LCDR Jennifer Curtis  
Healthcare Administration (HAPAG) Chair CDR Karen Charles
Chair-Elect LCDR Kimberley Hawkins  
Health Information Technology (HITPAG) Chair LCDR David Schwab
Chair-Elect LCDR Joyce Davis  
Medical Laboratory Science (MLSPAG) Chair LCDR Lisa Flores
Chair-Elect LCDR Jessica Damon  
Optometry (OPAG) Chair CDR Christopher Cordes
Chair-Elect LCDR Laura Alexander  
Physician Assistant (PAPAG) Chair CDR Carl Huffman
Public Health (PHPAG) Chair LCDR Jennifer Freiman
Chair-Elect LCDR Janesia Robbs  
Psychology (PSYPAG) Chair LT Kate Morris
Chair-Elect CDR Jill Breitbatch  
Social Work (SWPAG) Chair CDR Deloris Caldwell
Chair-Elect CDR Tricia Booker  

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