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Make a difference, get involved in JOAG!

General members can get involved in JOAG by volunteering in any of our many committees. Through these committees, members will get the opportunity to actively participate and have a voice in the future of their Corps.

There are nine committees that focus both on what goes on within JOAG as well as JOAG's relationship to the Corps as a whole. Being on a committee is a great way to help other junior officers and assist in Corps-wide projects. Other benefits include meeting other junior officers from around the country, leadership development, and access to professional development. Each active committee member will get a letter of appreciation at the end of the operation year which can be included in their e-OPF. To learn about each committee, visit their specific webpage which includes their committee’s mission and current subcommittees. The committee webpages are accessible via the left blue menu bar.

Call for Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer for one or more of our committees, please contact the committee chair(s) directly.

2017-2018 JOAG Committee Chairs

JOAG Committee Chair/Co-Chairs Category Agency/OPDIV
Awards LCDR Sara Azimi-Bolourian HSO HRSA
  LCDR Chitra Mahadevan PHARM FDA
Communications & Publications LCDR Beth Osterink EHO USCG
  LCDR Christine Corser PHARM FDA
Membership LCDR T. Aaron Cardenaz PHARM IHS
  LCDR Jefferson Jones PHYS CDC
Outreach LCDR Linzi Allen PHARM IHS
LCDR Lusi Martin-Braswell DIET HRSA
Policy & Procedures LCDR Christopher Sheehan HSO HHS/ASPR
Professional Development LCDR Brutrinia Cain NURSE DCCPR
  LCDR Julie Neshiewat PHARM FDA
Public Health & Community Service LCDR Margaret Caulk HSO FDA
LT Darby Murphy VET USDA
Readiness & Deployment LCDR Jonetta Mpofu SCI CDC
LT Kevin Healy THER BOP
Recruitment & Retention LCDR Ashley Burns PHARM FDA
  LCDR Titania Martin DENT USCG

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