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Meetings will be held at 1200 ET on the 4th Wednesday of even numbered months.

The call-in information and meeting agenda are sent to all PHUS members.

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The mission of the Public Health and Uniformed Services Committee is to foster and enhance health and well-being of junior officers in United States Public Health Service (USPHS) and their communities.  The Public Health and Uniformed Services (PHUS) Committee does this by providing information and outreach materials as well as engaging in activities that promote public health and enhance the visibility of USPHS through interaction with other uniformed services and in their community.

The PHUS Committee accomplishes its mission through two subcommittees. These two subcommittees are consisted of five workgroups.


Public Health Awareness (PHA) Subcommittee

This subcommittee increases awareness of various public health efforts and promotes overall wellness. The PHA subcommittee consists of the following workgroups:

Public Health Visibility (PHV) Workgroup

PHV Workgroup is divided into two teams: Public Health Champions Team, which produces a bi-annual newsletter, and Public Health Seminars Series Team, which coordinates informational webinars.

Wellness Workgroup

Organizes events to promote healthy lifestyles and physical movement for officers and community at large.

Public Health Priorities (PHP) Workgroup

Promotes public health and wellness that focuses specifically on initiatives identified annually by public health leaders, such as the Surgeon General Initiatives.

Uniformed Services and Support (USS) Subcommittee

This subcommittee provides opportunities for community service engagement and easily accessible information on travel, recreation, and fitness opportunities through resource documents. The US subcommittee consists of the following workgroups:

Uniformed Services Community Service Workgroup

Coordinates community service activities for USPHS officers and collaborates with other uniformed services to enhance visibility of the USPHS, while building leadership and collaborative relationships among junior officers.

Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Workgroup

Develops resource documents to facilitate work-life-balance, increased esprit-de-corps and quality of life for USPHS officers and their families and help officers navigate what programs and resources are available to them at military bases.


2022-2023 Public Health and Uniformed Services Committee Leadership

Roles Name/Email Category Agency/OPDIV
Co-Chair LCDR Kodilichi Echeozo PHARM FDA
Co-Chair  LCDR Sarah Whittington NURSE IHS
EC Liaison LCDR Ubong Akpan PHARM IHS
Co-Secretary LCDR Tia Rogers SCI CDC
Co-Secretary LCDR Phuong Nguyen PHARM IHS
Website Coordinator LCDR Sayyem Akbar PHARM FDA
Social Media Liaison LT Lauren Hertzog PHARM BOP
Strategic Planning Liaison LT Andres Wong-Sam SCI CDC
SOP Liaison LT Marlise Williams THERAPIST BOP


2022-2023 Public Health Awareness (PHA) Subcommittee 

Roles Name/Email Category Agency/OPDIV
PHA Subcommittee Co-Lead LCDR Omove Imoisili PHYS HRSA
PHA Subcommittee Co-Lead LCDR Ranay Yonkers NURSE ICE
PHA Subcommittee Co-Secretary LT Megan Calderwood PHARM IHS
PHA Subcommittee Co-Secretary LT Paula Valdisera                               EHO                                  IHS
PHP Workgroup Co-Lead LCDR Mavis Darkwah PHARM FDA
PHP Workgroup Co-Lead LT Andrea Essig NURSE ICE
Wellness Workgroup Co-lead LCDR Jennifer Weekes HSO ICE
Wellness Workgroup Co-lead LT Keisha Bryan HSO ICE
PHV Workgroup Co-Lead LT Chiemena Anyanwu NURSE FDA
PHV Workgroup Co-Lead LT Dianca Finch SCI NIH
PH Champions Team Lead LT Sandra Herrera NURSE ICE
PH Seminars Series Team Co-Lead LT Kerui Xu SCI FDA
PH Seminars Series Team Co-Lead LT Isabel Gorgoroso NURSE HRSA


2022-2023 Uniformed Services and Support (USS)

Roles Name/Email Category Agency/OPDIV
USS Subcommittee Co-lead LCDR Jasmeet (Mona) Kalsi PHARM FDA
USS Subcommittee Co-lead LCDR Heather Rhodes NURSE ICE
USS Subcommittee Secretary LCDR Herbert Partsch NURSE ICE
Uniformed Services Community Service Workgroup Lead LT Xiao (Gina) Hong Huang PHARM BOP
MWR Workgroup Lead LCDR Amina Bashir HSO FDA

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