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JOAG Executive Committee Informational Flyer

The JOAG Executive Committee (EC) facilitates the execution of the vision, mission and objectives developed by the JOAG membership. The JOAG EC is made up of six voting members and consists of the JOAG Chair (Chair), Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect, two Executive Secretaries and Operations Liaison.

The EC acts as a steering committee for the work done by the JOAG committees and workgroups. The EC also provides final review and approval for new activities and initiatives proposed by the committees and workgroups to ensure compliance with the mission and objectives of JOAG.

Mission: To serve the general JOAG membership in the execution of the JOAG vision, mission, and objectives.

2022-2023 JOAG Executive Committee

Executive Committee Role Officer Category Agency/OPDIV Email
Chair LCDR Mouhamed Halwani HSO FDA
Chair-Elect LCDR Michael Wandersee Engineer DOI
Vice Chair LCDR Ubong Akpan Pharm DOD
Co-Secretary LCDR Michelle Lin SCI CDC
Co-Secretary LT Colin Tack Engineer FDA
Operation Liaison LCDR Jackeline Rodriguez Nurse CMS

JOAG Chair: The Chair facilitates, organizes and maintains order in meetings of the group and meetings of the Executive Committee. The Chair also acts as a liaison between JOAG and the following entities: the Office of the Surgeon General, the Chief Professional Officer Professional Advisory Committee, Chief Professional Officers and Agency representatives.

Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair acts as Chair in the absence of the Chair and serves as the official JOAG liaison to the Commissioned Officers Association (COA) Board of Directors.

Chair-Elect: The Chair-Elect acts as the Chair in the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chair-Elect serves a two-year term serving as the Chair of the Policy and Procedures Committee during first year and then as the JOAG Chair during the second year.

Executive Secretaries: The Executive Secretaries inform the membership (via listserv/e-mail) of physical meeting locations and conference line information; establish agendas in collaboration with the Chair and distribute the agenda to members; prepare and distribute meeting minutes; and maintain reports, attendance and official documents.

Operations Liaison: The Operations Liaison oversees all matters related to JOAG finances and is the point of contact for JOAG website social media platforms and virtual trainings; this includes maintaining JOAG website EC pages, ensuring the website is accurate and up to date, and supporting webinars and other virtual events sponsored by JOAG. 

EC Liaisons

In addition, the Executive Committee members serve as EC Liaisons to the JOAG Committees and Workgroups. EC Liaisons are responsible for attending committee/workgroup meetings and providing guidance when needed, assisting committees/workgroups in reviewing and finalizing new projects/proposals, and serving in an overall advisory capacity.

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