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Policy & Procedures Committee

JOAG Policy & Procedures Committee Informational Flyer

Mission: To establish guidelines and operating procedures governing the Junior Officer Advisory Group (JOAG).

The JOAG Policy and Procedures Committee (PPC) is responsible for developing and maintaining all guidelines, policy, and procedures for the JOAG. This includes updating the charter, bylaws, general and committee standard operating procedures (SOPs), and the JOAG Officer's Code of Conduct; these documents are located on the JOAG Governing Documents webpage. Additionally, committee members are encouraged and empowered to translate their own ideas into special projects for members to develop.


The PPC Committee meets the first Friday of every odd month from 1200-1300 EST.

Call-in Information
Conference Number: 404-718-3800
Phone Conference ID: 315 249 870#

2022-2023 Operational Year

For the 2021-2022 operational year, the PPC will continue to work with the other JOAG Committees to update their respective SOPs, update the JOAG Bylaws, and identify policy development and training opportunities for junior officers. Additionally, the PPC will work internally to revise processes and improve efficiency.

The PPC is made up of several subcommittees that are collectively responsible for the committee’s success. Each subcommittee is led by a non-voting, active member of the committee. The PPC Subcommittees are listed below.

If you are interested in shaping the future of JOAG through the PPC, please contact the Co-chairs.

2022 - 2023 Policy & Procedures Committee Leadership

Roles Name (Email) Category Agency/OPDIV
Chair/EC Liaison (vm) LCDR Michael Wandersee ENG FWS
Co-chair (non-vm) LCDR Caroline Schrodt MEDICAL CDC
Co-Secretary LCDR Ingrid St. Amand NURSE OASH
Co-Secretary LCDR Violet Maleche NURSE ICE
Assessment Co-coordinator LCDR Kimberly Evans HSO CDC
Assessment Co-coordinator LCDR Jenna Cope   DIETITIAN HRSA
Social Platform Coordinator LT India Johns HSO HRSA

2022 - 2023 Policy & Procedures Subcommittee Leads

Subcommittee (SC)/ Workgroup (WG)

Name (Email) Category Agency/OPDIV
Accomplishments Report LCDR Jonathon Fenner PHARM HRSA
Accomplishments Report  LT Phuong Nguyen PHARM IHS
Governing Documents LT Anthony Powell THER BOP
Governing Documents LT Jamla Rizek NURSE OASH
Policy Awareness and Notification (PAN) LT India Johns HSO HRSA
Policy Awareness and Notification (PAN) LCDR Sara Lee HSO NIH
JOAG Strategic Planning  LT Bryan Galvez PHARM FDA
JOAG Strategic Planning  LT Eugene Song HSO FDA
Standard Operating Procedures  LT Stephanie Pitts SCI FDA
Standard Operating Procedures  LT David Chon HSO FDA

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